Manhattan Home Design Reviews | 5 Home Decor Trends For 2018

1. Add a Splash of Color to Your Space

Suggested Item: Red Womb Chair & Ottoman

Add color back to your living space with this red womb chair & ottoman. The womb chair replica is one of Manhattan Home Design’s signature lounge chair replicas, and designer Eero Saarinen’s most preeminent chairs. As one of the leaders in the mid-century modern movement in arts and furniture design, Eero Saarinen paved the way for aerodynamic furniture and neo-futurism. The Womb chair is one of his resounding pieces not solely for its quirky look, but its simplicity in materials. It is strong and durable and can support someone sitting in virtually any position, though it is made of only an upholstered fiberglass shell and stainless steel legs.

2. Create a Focal Point in a Minimalistic Room

Complete that clean, minimalist design with the The Eames Lounge Chair. One of the most famous mid-century modern pieces. Our Eames lounge chair replica is a Vitra replica. Its form and functionality have made it one of the most sought after pieces in modern history. This iconic design can be found in popular films, television shows, businesses and in thousands of residences across the globe. Its original designers, Charles and ray Eames, had intended to give it the look and feel of a well worn first Baseball mitt. It led to the creation of the Manhattan Home Design Lounge Chair and Ottoman, featuring your choice of multiple leather finishes, high density cushions and imported veneers. Whether you are craving that Mad Men look, or are looking to outfit your living room with a modern design, the Manhattan Home Design Lounge Chair is the right choice for you.

3. Add Lighting in a New Way

Suggested Item: Arco Lamp

This lamp is ready to add light and life back into your space. Featured in many Hollywood classic films such as Diamonds are Forever and The Italian Job, the Arco Lamp is an absolutely solidified classic. The Arco Floor lamp in style of Achille Castiglioni is a timeless masterpiece. A beautiful authentic Carrara Marble stone that creates an elegant and sophisticated focal point for your room. The dramatic stainless steel finished Arch creates an incredible and luxurious environment. The head is embellished and protected by a dome-like shape, adding to the artistry. The Arco floor lamp is the most eminent specimen in arch lamps and easily commands attention. A product of innovation, it was designed by Italy’s architect Achille Castiglioni and his brothers in the 1960s and is considered a modern lighting fixture today.

4. Colorful Sofas are Your Friend Again

Suggested Item: Engage Upholstered Sofa
Gone are the days of the boring beige sofa. The best interior designers are suggesting colorful sofas for your living rooms in 2018. This sofa lives up to its name and truly “engages” all those that see it. The Engage Upholstered Sofa is a gorgeous design that will stand out in your home. Available in a wide-variety of fabric colors, the modern sofa is easily customizable to your needs. With a chic tufted back and cherry-stained rubberwood legs, this sophisticated modern sofa is sturdy and supportive, and it is sure to impress your guests. The gorgeous design of this sofa makes an instant impression, and it works beautifully with mid-century and contemporary decors.

This Engage Upholstered Sofa is a perfect accent piece with bold colors and an interesting design. The sofa features sloping curves and large dual cushions that embody everything you’d look for in a lounging spot. The Engage sofa adds a perfect welcoming feel to your home, when welcoming others into your home, it can even serve as a conversation starter because of its eye-catching appeal. There is a depth and warmth that this sofa adds your room that is hard to replicate.

5. Goodbye Boring Chairs, Hello Curved Chairs

Suggested Item: Arch Lounge Chair
Get the complete mid-century modern look in your living room with this throwback piece from the mid-50’s. Kinetic movement is captured within the chair’s unique style and name-sake arch. Made from only the highest quality molded wood and ash veneer, this chair is the perfect compliment for any living area. Arch is a brilliantly designed piece that propels both style and a sense of adventure into expanse-driven living and lounge areas. If you’re looking for a real conversation piece and unique chair, this one’s for you.
With the quintessential arch style, the feel is elegant meets modern. The vinyl padded seat and back compliment this perfect piece to compliment a life on the move. This Arch Lounge Chair can bring your space from basic and boring to unique and fabulous.

Why You Should Own The Eames Lounge Chair Replica from Manhattan Home Design

Manhattan Home Design, a name synonymous with perfection strives to bring to its international clientele, economical and the best mid century modern furniture replicas. However, it is imperative to note that Manhattan Home Design only provides quality products.

Ah, the conventional Eames Lounge chair and ottoman.

We’ve explained the history of this classic front room chair, what to look for while shopping for one. But have you given a thought on why you should purchase the Eames Lounge Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design? Our Eames lounge chair replica is not merely one of the infinite reproductions of this chair you’d find on the internet. Our chair has all the specifications of the orginal Eames Lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

But besides our apt reproduction of the original, there are numerous other reasons why the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design should adorn your home.

Here’s why:

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It is both decorative and practical. Even in this small area, there’s no need to bend over backwards in considering what other piece of furniture to fit into this residing room. The Eames Lounge Chair replica and Ottoman provide both comfort and fashion without requiring much space.Manhattan Home Design Reviews

If you’re looking to add a futuristic flair to your room, the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design is the perfect choice for it! As an example, next to a widespread sofa and wooden tables, it looks as if a mixture between a car seat and a seat in a spaceship. The ottoman makes the body seem lots longer from the front. It is masculine yet unisex. Relaxing in the lap of luxury has never been easier!

The Eames lounge chair is the excellent addition to a room with other midcentury fixtures portions just like the Arco lamp, Barcelona chair, loft sofas, Noguchi table, and so on. in case you don’t personal midcentury fixtures, the Eames lounge Chair is a awesome start to the collection.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

When placed in front of a bookshelf or beside a laptop desk, the Eames chair is by no means at odds. It best accentuates the look of the office. The Eames front room chair is a worth accomplice for a domestic or paintings office. The Eames Lounge chair and ottoman itself will enhance the look of an otherwise boring office area.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

What different way is there to take inside the view from a window than with the maximum comfort? The Eames Lounge Chair Replica allows you to kick back and relax, embracing your frame with pinnacle-notch leather and excellent gentle memory foam. There’s no different fixtures this is higher for watching the view.

What Furniture Works Well With Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair Replica ?

Classic Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

How can pieces designed way back in the 40s and 60s look so contemporary? I’m highly intrigued by what makes a great piece enter the classics club. What exactly makes a mid century modern design become iconic? Here are three designs that have become classic designer pieces, from Womb Chair to Eames La Chaise to Shell Chair. These mid century modern furniture pieces look as modern now as they ever did before!

Womb Chair and Ottoman

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Iconic Interiors

According to Forbes, Finnish-born designer Eero Saari­nen’s neo-futur­is­tic style got widespread acclaim. His pieces are still icon­ic today like the Tulip Table and enveloping Womb Chair designed in 1946. This lounge chair is the epitome of mid century modern and neo-futurism.  Neo-futurists rethink the relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Mid century modern is about blending organic forms and clean lines, with unadorned visual appeal. 

Eames La Chaise

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Mid-Century Home

The iconic Eames La Chaise was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 for the “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design” MOMA NYC. Eames made significant contributions to Modernism! Made of polished fiberglass, the La Chaise was inspired by Gaston Lachaise’s ‘Floating Figure’ sculpture. It’s asymmetry and shape has made it a classic! 

Shell Chair

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Carl Hansen

During his lifetime, Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner got a reputation due to quality craftsmanship. The molded plywood Shell Chair was designed and first presented at the Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. Combining functionality with form, this inviting and light furniture piece is perfectly proportioned.  

Ready to purchase one of these classic mid century modern furniture pieces from Manhattan Home Design? Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner as stated by Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted furnishings. 

How the Stylish Womb Chair can Level-Up Your Home

Did you know Modernist architect/designer Eero Saarinen was the mastermind behind the iconic pieces like the organic Tulip Table and the enveloping Womb Chair? The latter was designed in the 40s thanks to his friend Florence Knoll’s request. In fact, she asked him to devise a chair “like a great big basket of pillows that I can curl up in,” according to Decoist. He came up with the womb shaped chair

Womb Chair

Source: Decoist

It is not just trendy, but also elegant. The stunning looks of this chair blends perfectly with any interior decor. Here are few ways the stylish Womb Chair reproduction can level up your home:

  • Statement Worthy – This remarkable designer piece will make a statement to guests who walk into your house, apartment or loft, while dramatically elevating the space. 
  • Comfy – The idea behind it is to boost comfort. What’s more relaxing than sitting on a fluffy wool lounge chair? Guests will surely pamper themselves for a while! 

Ready to level up your home? Order a Womb Chair replica at Manhattan Home Design! Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted items including Danish mid century masterpieces like the molded plywood Shell Chair by Hans Wegner and the Finn Juhl Sideboard

These Tips Will Make Your Living Room / Home Office a More Efficient Place

Are you among the millions of people who have had to adjust to a work-from-home schedule due to quarantine and its implications? If so, the best advice you can receive is to configure your space in the most convenient way possible, with all the comforts you require, but if you have to install your Home Office in your living room, you should know that an Eames Ribbed Chair replica it’s not enough to make your space shine in all its splendor.

These are three tips that can help you greatly to turn your living room into the most eclectic and multifunctional Home Office:

  • Make good use of the other furniture while you work. If you have a Noguchi Table replica or any other type of coffee table in your living room, remember to take the opportunity to place your snacks and drinks that can never be missing during the day.
  • Make sure to prepare the rest area well for your halftime. Spending a break in an Eames Lounge Chair replica is a very satisfactory way to take advantage of your resting time and let the body release a bit of the stress of the day.
  • Put some light on the subject! Adequate lighting, while you work, is an advantage and a necessity, since it will help you avoid eyestrain, to concentrate more and if you have an efficient floor lamp such as the Arco lamp reproduction, you’ll be able to direct the light towards the spot where it works best for you.

With these simple tips, you can have the Home Office of your dreams, with the style and functionality you need.

Eames Office Chair

Why Saarinen’s Womb Chair is the Best Chair for Your Reading Nook

The Womb Chair was specifically created by Eero Saarinen in the 40s to mimic the smooth curves of a woman’s womb. What could possibly be more comfortable than that? Nothing! Not only is this enveloping lounge chair comfy, it’s also luxurious. In fact, according to Elle Decor, with its rounded design, armrests and moveable cushions, the chair is designed to perfectly envelop its users.

This soft wool wrapped beauty with stainless steel legs, will instantly add glamour to your reading nook or library. It’s the perfect addition to your reading nook! Read on to find out why! 

Womb Chair

Source:  Home Designing

  • It’s Relaxing – A comfy Womb Chair reproduction is great for sitting back and relaxing while reading your favorite book. Place it next to an end table or bookshelf full of books. 
  • It’s Comfy – The anthropometry and body of this chair makes it the pinnacle of comfort. It’s trendy by default, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll see it’s highly comfortable too.

Ready to get yourself a Womb Chair replica at Manhattan Home Design? Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner as stated by Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been replicating coveted furnishings for a decade. 

Upscale Bachelor Apartment Ideas – from Exposed Brick to Womb Chair

According to Forbes, the life of a successful bachelor creates visions of Christian Grey Fifty Shades style – from jets to supermodels to designer pieces. Need ideas to make the best out of your bachelor apartment? We can help! Here are three upscale bachelor apartment ideas for inspiration, from exposed brick to concrete floors to Womb Chair replica. Now you can truly elevate your pad! 

Womb Chair

Source: Curbed LA

Exposed Brick 

Use exposed to your benefit as this works perfectly for any sized bachelor apartment. Not only does it look stunning, it also creates a raw edge manliness in your apartment. Whether it’s the entire apartment or just one wall, we can’t get over how amazing exposed brick looks in pads.

Concrete Floors

Who doesn’t like an industrial look in your bachelor apartment or man cave? Since masculinity and industrial go hand in hand, we love how concrete floors look.  Not only are they industrial, they’re also welcoming. When it comes to bachelor living, bare flops are also a good option. 

Womb Chair and Ottoman

Womb Chair

A man needs somewhere to relax. What can be more relaxing than a comfy Womb Chair and Ottoman? A pad necessity! Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, this enveloping lounge chair is a must-have. Even if this wool wrapped beauty with stainless steel legs may cost a bit more, it’s worth it. Besides lasting a lifetime, it’s forever stylish. Ideal for discerning men looking to upgrade their pad! 

Ready to purchase a Womb Chair reproduction at Manhattan Home Design? Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing coveted pieces for a decade. 

Technologically Advanced Saarinen’s Tulip Table – Mid Century Design Icon

Did you know there were major advances in manufacturing processes and material technology in the 20th century? Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table was the most technologically advanced furniture piece from the mid century modern era. Isn’t it amazing? Its appeal has outlived the period from when it was designed. It’s timeless! 

Back then, Saarinen’s table was revered for its techie materials and modern look, yet nowadays it continues to be a design icon owing to its stylistic shape and simple form. 

Ahead of its Time

Tulip Table

In 1956, Finnish/American Saarinen addressed the issue that was the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world resulting from the slum of legs underneath typical chairs and tables.” He devised the tulip shaped table, which ultimately got rid of the “slum” with its circular aluminum base and sleek pedestal. The Tulip Table’s curved, smooth lines of modernism was known as a classic of industrialism. It was ahead of its time! 

Considered a master of 20th century architecture and furniture design, Saarinens pieces were adored worldwide for their unique aesthetic. According to Elle Decor, two of his most iconic pieces – the Tulip Table and the New York TWA terminal – both share the same concept: fusing structural elements into one organic form!

Manhattan Home Design offers a myriad of Tulip Table replicas in different styles. Founded by Daniel Levy, pioneer entrepreneur finalist to Hispacnic Awards according to Crain’s New York, Manhattan Home Design has been producing coveted furnishings for a decade. 

Shell Chair – Mid Century Modern Masterpiece

Shell Chair

Mid century modern buff? Today we’ll be discussing Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, a Danish mid century modern masterpiece. It’s architectural beauty makes it a statement worthy piece! Even if Wegner designed many jaw-dropping pieces, the most iconic one is the molded plywood Shell Chair, a.k.a. smiling chair due to its arch-shaped seat.

Wegner debuted the Shell Chair at the 1963 Furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen, but only small amounts were produced. Production was halted as the design seemed too avant-garde at the time, according to Forbes. Luckily, retailers started producing Shell Chair replicas in the 90s. It has grown into an  internationally recognized Danish classic!

Why it’s Grown Into a Loved Addition

Shell Chair

Combining high design and timeless appeal, the Shell Chair has grown into a loved addition:

  • It’s Functional – Despite its unusual shape, it’s comfy. It’s also compact, making it perfect for condos and contemporary mansions alike.  
  • Stunning – This work of art is stunning when viewed from any angle, making it a decor element. Its design cannot be beat!

Ready to purchase a Shell Chair replica at Manhattan Home Design? Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for a decade. 

Top 5 Ways to Use The Noguchi Table

We all know that the magic of details can radically change the appearance of a space. There are many styles of indoor decoration whose main attraction is based on those small things that give a touch of beauty and personality to a living room, bathroom, bedroom or a kitchen. The Noguchi table is one of those small great details you can use to give your living the touch of particular aesthetics you are looking for.

Designed by Herman Miller in 1948, this table is just an example of what the broad catalog of the modern mid-century style has to offer. Never forget that traditional can be the key that gives your home the personality and good taste you are trying to get to delight yourself and your guests.

Noguchi table
Source: Manhattan Home Design

Next, we are going to give you a few suggestions to help you get the best look out of your layout if you have chosen a Naguchi table to be one of the main stars in your living room. Check out these top 5 ideas to use your Noguchi table.

5 top Ways of Using The Noguchi Table:

1.- The place of your favorite plant. You have the perfect plant, but you simply haven’t found the ideal place to display it in all its splendor. What about your Noguchi table? A plant not only provides a natural touch to the painting, but it can also be an object of great beauty, no matter if it’s natural or artificial. A table like this, with a small plant in the center, can certainly look splendid.

Noguchi table

2.- An intellectual and relaxed touch. Surely you heard someone say once: ‘I love how my books look on the shelf!’, Just as if it was talking about decorative artifacts and not literary pieces. However, whether or not you are fond of reading, do not underestimate the contribution that books can make to the aesthetics of a living room. The secret is to know where to place them, how many books to place and the type of books you are going to show. Some are quite precious. This table with 3 or 4 beautiful stacked books can give it that interesting intellectual hue you are looking for.

3.- Bet on the simple and subtle. Sometimes, finding the perfect configuration to your space and the organization you need, can be a challenge. If you have just moved, you’re remodeling or you’re simply doing a deep cleaning and getting rid of many things that you no longer think you need, always remember that the Noguchi table, by itself, will look splendid in any place you choose to place it. Stripping it of any ornament and leaving it exclusively to place your coffee cup when you sit down on the couch to talk with a friend may be the best decision.

4.- The stage of your best ornaments. If contrary to the above, you are one of those people who prefer the exotic, outstanding, and you like to fill any space with many precious details and ornaments of all kinds, the most direct recommendation is that you choose wisely the ornaments you will wear on your Noguchi. Be sure to choose ornaments of appropriate sizes, which are not excessively heavy so they won’t mistreat the glass surface and are not too many of them, so as not to make it look overloaded. Choose only the most precious ornaments and the ones that you think could become the center of attention.

5.- Colors, space, functions. This table is marketed in a varied catalog of colors from which you can choose according to the color palette that predominates in the place where you plan to use it. The color of your furniture, your carpet, your plants, the most remarkable fixtures and even the predominant tones in some piece of art that you’re displaying on your wall… Everything, together, will shape the image you are going to project. Also, if your room is very spacious, keep in mind that the way you distribute that space is also key so that it does not seem too crowded or too empty. Place your Noguchi table on the most convenient spot, always keeping in mind that it’s not just an aesthetic element, but also an artifact that will be very useful for various tasks of your daily life.

In addition to the above, remember that you can always experiment by applying your original ideas. Don’t underestimate the fact that your table is one more element within all those that will make up the image of your room; however, that table by itself can look splendid if you configure it properly.

Details such as the strategic spot where you are going to place it can make a great difference. Try how it looks with different rugs or without any of them, make sure that it makes a good contrast with the colors of the rest of the furniture you have chosen, pay attention to the style of the ornaments you selected and verify that everything keeps an adequate relationship. Get the best out of your Noguchi table and make sure you are using it in the smartest way!

Noguchi Table and Why Is So Important to Get The Best Lighting In Your Living Room?

Somehow, we’ve felt it: entering a room where everything seems to have a special balance, where everything has the most appropriate appearance and the vision does not get tired so quickly, the colors seem to shine in their most authentic essence and a nice atmosphere invites to stay there… yes, it was probably perfect lighting. You can have a Noguchi Table, a Tulip table, first-class furniture, the perfect color on the walls, or maybe amazing pieces of art, but if your lighting is not the most successful, you’ll be wasting a good part of the visual work that you can have achieved. More than that, poor lighting can completely ruin the appearance of your living room.

Noguchi table

The advice of professionals about lighting is direct and concrete: as a decorator of your spaces, you have to get the perfect lighting. A successful illumination is even part of the entire style you want to express through your interior design. There are, for example, some livings that, not receiving enough light, show a cold, dark and much less appealing image than they should, despite having a light and shiny color palette. Below, you’ll find a list with the most important keys for you to start experimenting in your search for perfect lighting.

What Is The Secret To Get The Best Lighting?

*.- Where is the main light source located? This is the starting point for any lighting design you wish to apply. Finding exactly where the lighting sources are located and the different places you can move them will allow you to determine which is the most convenient spot for the rest of the elements inside so they can gain visibility and prominence. If you have a floor lamp, take the freedom to do as many tests as necessary, trying different angles until you find the perfect positioning for your main light source.

Noguchi table

*.- The function of your room. You must ask yourself this question: What’s the type of activity that is going to be performed in this place? Eat? Watch TV? Read? Depending on your answer, you should readjust the place where your light source is going to be since while you intend to achieve the most inspiring design, you should keep in mind that not everything is about aesthetics. Functionality is also a key factor that you should never overlook. It’s useless to concentrate lighting in a corner that, no matter how nice it looks, will be greatly wasted daily.

*.- Light and colors: the perfect combination. Nothing stimulates the lighting of a room better than the very light colors on the walls. Frequently, a room that receives abundant natural light can be seen even more fresh, pleasant and clean than it would be with other shades of less brightness. Colors like crisp linen, honeymilk, dover white, swiss coffee, and white opulence can generate a formidable light atmosphere. However, be careful that the light input ends up being so strong that it hurts the eyes. Remember that no excess is nice.

Noguchi table
Source: HGTVHome

*.- Focal point: the perfect balance. A key to achieving the perfect balance between lighting, aesthetics, and functionality is to pay attention to what is the focal point of your living room. The focal point of a design is, nothing more and nothing less, than the specific fragment, object, or point within the room that is more attractive or the one in which visitors tend to first notice when they know the place. If your lighting can make the focal point of your living room noticeable and at the same time sufficiently cover the areas that need to be illuminated with higher priority, then you’ve almost found the perfect lighting design.

Noguchi table
Source: Barcelona Designs

*.- Reflections, metallic materials, and mirrors. How loving are you of bright objects? As always, taking care of excesses is essential to avoid ending up with a room full of ornaments, overlit or very full of furniture. Very reflective materials such as metals, mirrors, jewelry, and varnished surfaces will undoubtedly make the amount of light in your living room more marked. If you keep many metallic or reflective materials in your living room and you are not realizing the excess lighting that this can bring to the pupil, you may not notice exactly what are the objects that you must remove from the path so that excessive reflections and glare don’t spoil the work done.

Noguchi table
Source: Pinimg

As you can see, perfect or at least adequate lighting will depend on how well you know to manage the light resources inside the room. Although following these tips can be very useful, remember that you should always be very careful about the details, such as the type of bulbs you will use, the design of your lamps, the predominant color palette, but especially the role of the natural light in your environment. With perfect lighting, you will generate the most pleasant and balanced atmosphere for the inhabitants of the house and highlight the most prominent strengths of your interior design.