3 Ways to Style the Iconic Egg Chair

Source: Decoist

Designed back in the fifties, the Egg Chair was a showstopper that truly defined its era. It cemented its brilliant creator’s reputation as one of the great designers of all time. 

Six decades later, Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair is still as popular as ever. Recently released in a natural leather hue with gold base, it’s beautifully suited to a contemporary aesthetic.

A Danish Masterpiece of its Time

Being still manufactured today, the Egg Chair was designed in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen.

Source: Decoist

It was originally created to furnish the foyer of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark’s first skyscraper ever. The hotel was Jacobsen’s opus – a project for which he designed everything, from the outside in, including the lighting, door handles and even the cutlery.

While the building was a hard-edged edifice, the Egg Chair was a curving organic form, offering comfort and an element of privacy for the sitter in the otherwise public space of the hotel’s lobby. The unique shape, on its star-like swivel base, was era-defining, earring it icon status

Ways to Style the Egg Chair

1. Retro Charm

Source: Decoist

About a decade ago, celebrated British designer Paul Smith produced the Egg Chair, Swan Chair and other Jacoben’s pieces in striped Paul Smith fabrics. 

Doesn’t this image bring you way back to the decade of the groovy ‘70s with the chair upholstered in orange stripes and nostalgic brown?.

2. Neutral Color Scheme

Souce: Decoist

With its luxuriously soft natural leather upholstery and gold-plated aluminum stand, the 60th-anniversary edition of the icon couldn’t be more on trend. 

Pair it with a leather and linen pouffe as it was beautifully done here, and matt heather walls for a modern update to the design classic.

3. Cozy Vintage

The Egg Chair fits perfectly in this mid century style room. A vintage-style background complements the chair’s mid century shape beautifully. 

Just try positioning the Jacobsen chair in front of bookshelves for a cosseting, library feel. A green background, with subtle splashes of colour, giving it a contemporary edge.

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Modern Chairs by Arne Jacobsen – From Egg Chair to Swan Chair

Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen apprenticed as a bricklayer before studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts. In 1925, he participated in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and travelled to Germany. 

He came under the influence of Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Before World War II, Jacobsen designed a number of buildings in Denmark, while helping formulate Danish Modern style. He fled Denmark for Sweden in 1943. 

There he worked, but returned home after the war. Jacobsen became the most dominant figure in Danish architecture in the ensuing decades. He began to design furniture, like the iconic Egg Chair, Series 7 Chair and Swan Chair.

1. Egg Chair

Source: Decoist

The unique Egg Chair was designed in 1958 for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where they were used in the lobby and reception. It’s the absolute leader of projects associated with Danish design. Beautiful, minimalist form, it has been in production since its release. 

The Egg Chair’s the triumph of Jacobsen’s total design – a sculptural contrast to the building’s straight lines! The Egg Chair sprang from a new technique, which Jacobsen pioneered – a strong foam inner shell beneath the upholstery. A groundbreaking Danish masterpiece!

2. Series 7 Chair

Source: Pinterest

The Series 7 Chair is one of the most copied chairs in the world. It’s still so popular that it is sought everywhere! Jacobson’s classic Series 7 Chair is a beautiful design from 1952. It’s, by far, the greatest commercial success in the history of the Danish heralded creator.

Made out of molded plywood, this chair has chrome-plated steel legs, is incredibly light and stackable. With the legendary shape and curves, the Series 7 Chair has great applicability. 

3. Swan Chair

Source: Decoist

Along the Egg Chair, Jacobsen designed the Swan Chair for the SAS Royal Hotel. These two masterpieces originated in Jacobsen’s own garage at his home in Copenhagen, and have been in production ever since. 

Back then, the Swan Chair – with its total absence of straight lines – constituted a technologically innovative chair. 

Source: Decoist

So, there you go! These are Jacobsen’s 3 most iconic chairs. Which is your favorite one? Ours is the enveloping Egg Chair! Visit Manhattan Home Design for Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair replicas. 

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Wegner’s Iconic Chairs – From Shell Chair to Flag Halyard

According to Forbes, Hans Wegner’s name is a staple in Scandinavian design around the world, and his chair designs seeming simple, ushered an appreciation for Danish modern design in America. 

Though many craftsmen may build you a chair, design master Wegner earns the distinction of creating a range of iconic chair designs, including the the three-legged Shell Chair designed in 1963. 

Source: Dwell

Wegner began as an apprentice with a cabinetmaker before studying at the Danish Design School and the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts, where he refined his style.

Amazingly, he designed over 500 chair styles during his heralded career. No wonder MODERN Magazine celebrated his centennial! Here’s a look at 3 of his gems:

1. Shell Chair

Source: Decoist

The public was reluctant to accept the Shell Chair with an avant-garde vibe when it debuted. WOW… It was ahead of its time! Yet critics loved it! This three legged beauty with Nordic features is the edgiest piece from modernist design master Wegner. 

The Shell Chair was first introduced at the furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen back in 1963. Thankfully, the public adored its airy, curvy new version which was reintroduced in 1997.

2. Ox Chair

Source: Decoist

Wegner’s favorite furniture piece ever was the sculptural Ox Chair. It was wrapped in leather and perched on a chromed steel base, proving MCM design doesn’t have to be so serious. 

Overly inflated shapes shown in Picasso’s paintings inspired this design icon in 1960. If you take Surrealism as a point of reference, this chair is incredibly true to their shape. 

3. Flag Halyard Chair

Source: Decoist 

The Flag Halyard Chair was designed in the 40s and was inspired by a hot summer day at the beach. Supposedly, Wegner came up with the idea as he was carving a spot in the sand to relax. 

This iconic chair is supported by a flag line through a stainless steel frame and lux sheepskin cover, for the ultimate relaxation.

Source: Home and Design

We hope this truly inspires you. Which of these lounge chairs by Danish icon Wegner did you like best? Our favorite one is the Shell Chair. It was ahead of its time! Even if this three legged beauty wasn’t in style back then, now it will never be out of style. 

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Mesmerizing Mid Century Modern Living Spaces with the Iconic Egg Chair

Source: Pinterest

Design enthusiasts incredibly praise the mid century modern aesthetics. It refers to pieces from the decade of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s pushing the limits of engineering, like the Egg Chair

Famed designers like Jacobsen, Danish master creator of the enveloping Egg Chair, were desperate for creativity before World War II. They took new materials and molded them into iconic designs – pieces still sought after in the 21st century! 

These 3 entancing MCM living rooms successfully incorporate the Egg Chair and other mid century modern furniture pieces. Read on… 

1. Classic Black, White and Brown Living Room

Source: Home Designing

This L.A home keeps it classic in black, white and brown. It perfectly conveys an eclectic style with those lovely dotted framed abstracts. The striking area is gorgeously populated with a range of styles, including the coffee table, golden floor lamp and Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair leather. 

2. Vintrant Color Pop Living Room

Source: Architectural Digest

The NY penthouse owned by writer Jay McInerney was designed by Robert Couturier. The space with vibrant color pops displays an Egg Chair beautifully resting on a patterned rug. Behind it, a ’1940s German vase stands next to a wood cabinet. 

The painted dog sculpture is by Julien Marinetti. Doesn’t each piece blend perfectly with the leather Egg Chair?

3. Natural Light-Filled Living Room

Source: Homedit

This space is brimming with natural light thanks to its floor to ceiling windows.The design of the Egg Chair fabric is incredibly versatile, this being one of the reasons why it’s still popular nowadays.

This is a house that was originally built in the 1880’s. So, what better way to capture its timelessness than with this iconic piece of furniture?

Source: Homedit

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, the Jacobsen Egg Chair is great for every mid century modern style home. Ready to bring the style’s philosophy of great living into your own inspired living space full of 50’s wonder? Visit Manhattan Home Design for Egg Chair replicas.

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4 Mid Century Modern Sofas That’ll Make Your Home Look the Era – From Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Florence Sofa

Mid century modern design was all about reinvention. Designers like Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen and Verner Panton looked for new ways that our furniture could behave. 

From the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to the Womb Sofa to Curvy Sofa to Florence Sofa, we’ve put together a shortlist of mid century modern sofas and loveseats that’ll surely make your space look the era. 

Sit your posterior upon a soft wool wrapped sofa. Create the perfect modern office with a suite of Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofas. Ready to design to the period, with our top 4 sofa list? Read on…

1. Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa

Source: Pinterest

Ready to turn your living room sofa’s class up a notch? This wide-ranging, seamless Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa’s seat features elegant button-free tufting. Full of personality, Skandi has a striking and modern composition, giving form and function. 

Looking great from all angles and feeling amazing, too, the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa boasts an American walnut structure.

2. Womb Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Looking for a sofa specifically made for romance? Go for the Womb Sofa! This lovely furniture piece is made for two. This wool cashmere blend features a removable seat and back cushions. High-density foam cushioning and chrome polished steel legs add even more to this creation’s appeal.

3. Curvy Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Need something smaller? Consider this Curvy Sofa. This cost-efficient sofa option is beautifully made with bonded leather upon a hardwood frame and legs. Featuring high-density foam cushioning in black, brown, camel and blue hues, what’s not to love about this cutie?

4. Florence Sofa

Mid century modern and minimalism go oh-so-well together. The gorgeous Florence Sofa celebrates that less machine-made modernism in America in the 1930’s. With piped seams atop its stainless steel exposed tubing legs, polished to a mirror-like finish, its upholstery in wool fabric.

We hope this inspires you. Which of these mid century modern sofas is your favorite? Ours is the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa due to comfort level and elegance. Its sleek seamless back is chic! 

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The Arco Lamp Can Help You Get The Best Lighting Design

If you are moderately familiar with interior design and decor, surely you’ve already understood the importance of good lighting within a layout. Lighting is one of the essential elements that every good interior designer must take into account to get the best out of its creations. However, it’s not a task that only concerns professionals: anyone who likes this activity or who at a certain point in their life has had to face the remodeling of one internal space, should know this important aspect. The Arco lamp is, in this regard, one of the most amazing pieces that can help you with lighting purposes.

Lighting effects are like a double-edged sword: if they’re well done and generate a favorable result, they can highlight and bring out the best aspects of interior design. On the other hand, if an environment doesn’t have favorable lighting, efforts to achieve a good layout could be seriously hampered and affected. Surely you are wondering: then, how is ideal lighting achieved? What’s the big secret? Choosing a remarkable design like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is a good and very valid first step.

Most commonly, people choose floor lamps to place in the corners of the room. However, you must take into account that there are many different models of this kind of lamps. In fact, the floor lamp options make up a wide catalog made up of an authentic constellation of designs from which you must choose the one that’s most convenient for you. The Arco lamp reproduction can help you get the best out of your lighting design.

Top 3 Mid Century Sofas – From Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Chesterfield Sofa

Whether mornings with kids, watching TV or enjoying some friendly conversations, sofas, undoubtedly, get so much use. So how can you pick a sofa that’s both stylish and versatile? 

Try a leather one like the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa with a classic edge. Leather sofas are easy clean, offer longevity, effortless elegance and come in a range of styles, shapes and colors to blend with any decor. 

Our collection includes compact mid century modern sofas to large leather ones. From Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Eames Sofa to Chesterfield Sofa, we’ve even found some fine leather ones that get better with age. 

1. Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa

Reviving the modernist aesthetic of the 20th century, the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa is a stunning merge of comfort and vintage charm. Perfect for modern living rooms, sophisticated receptions or high-end offices, this sofa will make a great first impression. 

Encased in a American walnut wood, the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa is pretty from all angles. The spacious seat is wrapped in fine leather, it’s cognac hue complements any style.

2. Eames Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Add a timeless touch to your home with an Eames Sofa. This sofa effortlessly blends wood, leather, and aluminum to create a poignant design that has stood the test of time. 

The Eames Sofa was the last piece of furniture produced by Eames Office and has been in continuous production ever since 1984 thanks to high demand. 

3. Chesterfield Sofa

Source: Home Designing

Capture that old-school lounge style in your space with the classic tufted Chesterfield Sofa wrapped in leather. Diamond tufting graces the backrest and rolled arms, each detail tailored by hand for artisanal quality. 

Settle for nothing less than breathtaking. Relax into the memory foam cushions and enjoy a seating experience that feels comfy

We hope this info inspires you. Did you like this article? We’d love to know your feedback! Which of these mid century modern sofas is your favorite? Ours is the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa due to comfort level and elegance. Its sleek tufted-free back is chic! 

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The Arco Lamp: An Amazing Design With Carrara Marble Base

Have you ever wondered why it was precisely white Carrara marble that the Castiglioni brothers chose for the base of their famous Arco lamp? The reasons are various, and we want to share them with you. First of all, we’re talking about a very symbolic material, which has been used since the ancient world in the creation of all kinds of artistic works, both sculptures and architectural pieces, which have made it a universally known material. Marble is a very precious resource. It’s made of fine, well-compacted granules. Currently, it’s a material that can be commonly found in home and office decors.

The creators of the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica made sure to include exactly this material in the design, in order to respect the specifications left by the famous Italian designers in their original piece. Experts automatically recognize the white and gray tones that define this material. A piece of Carrara marble is unique in its style, taking into account that it’s a resource extracted directly from nature. Therefore, there are no two exactly alike pieces of marble in the world. This makes it, in addition to being unique and authentic, a highly valued material for its aesthetic features.

The properties that made the Arco lamp a legendary Mid-Century Modern style design are many more besides its Carrara marble base. We invite you to discover its beauty for yourself and get dazzled by this amazing modern creation.

How Exactly the Timeless Egg Chair Became a Danish Design Icon

Even if Easter is nowhere approaching, today we’d like to think about eggs. We’d like to think about one special egg in particular… Of course, we’re thinking about the inimitable Egg Chair designed nearly six decades ago by no other than prolific designer and architect Arne Jacobsen.

egg chair

Source: Decoist

A Timeless Masterpiece

The Egg Chair, MCM Danish icon, is a sculptural opus that became an enduring classic. Coveted by design fans, this recognizable symbol of organic modernism, has never been out of production.

It was designed in 1958 as a modern version of the classic Wing Chair. There have been comparisons made to Saarinen’s 1946 Womb Chair. Some believe it influenced Jacobsen’s Egg Chair.

egg chair

Source: Decoist

Commissioned to create every element of the former SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen – from the high-rise to furniture to interiors. Here, Jacobsen successfully applied his theories on integrated design and architecture. 

The Egg Chair was a significant piece of his grand master plan for the Royal Hotel. It was designed to beautifully sit in the hotel’s lobby and reception areas as seen in the image below.

egg chair

Source: Decoist

Unassuming Nordic Brilliance

The Egg Chair was first shown at the Paris Formes Scandinaves Exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs as a part of Jacobsen’s proposed furniture for the former SAS Royal Hotel. A technological innovation back then, the groundbreaking Egg Chair fabric consisted of curvy contours

When placed in the Royal Hotel, a skyrise building with horizontal and vertical lines, the piece’s pure organic quality along with its approachability, provided an elegant contrast. Indeed, the piece was a veritable study in organic modernism. 

egg chair

Source: Decoist

Curvaceous Shape

With its distinctive shape, the enveloping Egg Chair strikes a commanding pose and presence, practically asking individuals to sit and wrap themselves in it. When seated, the chair offers a bit of privacy. 

This feature is useful when wishing to nestle at home or in public spaces. With its swivel base, one may choose to pivot away, finding their own seclusion, or rotate towards the conversation.

egg chair

Source: Decoist

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, sixty years later, the timeless Egg Chair remains a true icon of Denmark’s admired design DNA. For Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design.

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3 Leather Sofas that’ll Add Refinement to Your Home – from Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Swan Sofa

Looking for that ideal seat to kick back and relax on? Let a leather sofa fill your furnishings gap! Opt for a durable yet stylish leather piece like the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa that’ll offer long lasting comfort, while standing up to slobber, stains and surprise house guests.

Leather is surprisingly easy to clean, pet-friendly and just so happens to wear minor damage well. With fine leather spills may be wiped away easily! Another major benefit of leather is that it gets much better with age. In time, natural wear will break in your sleek seat.

Woodrow box

Whether you like sleek backs, tufted cushions, tufted seats or a petite size, there’s a leather sofa for you on this list. Check out our roundup of all-star leather sofas available online, from Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Swan Sofa. Read  on… 

1. Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa

woodrow box

Source: Pinterest

The timeless Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa with luxurious button-free tufted seats is always an instant upgrade to any living room. Reviving the modernist look of the 20th century, this classic sofa with retro charm in cognac hue is stunning.

And, the brass tipped stiletto legs add the right amount of detail to the inherently MCM Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa. We love how the plush cushioning contrasts the walnut wood frame!

2. Nakki Sofa

woodrow box

A simple caramel leather sofa that doesn’t need any bells and whistles to impress. This friendly sofa showcases a pleasing visual contrast between the voluminous padding, robust cushions and slender legs. Nakki combines comfort with clean lines in a new and charming fashion. 

3. Swan Sofa

woodrow box

Source: HomeDesigning

A sofa like no other, the Swan Sofa is brimming with sophistication and minimalist charm. This fluid design was created by Danish figure Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and was created with fluid curves and a molded shell. A fantastic sofa since its simple design effortlessly works in harmony with any color.

woodrow box

Source: Pinterest

We hope this info truly inspires you. Which of these sofas won the battle? Tell us below! Personally, our favorite is the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa due to elegance and comfort level. 

Don’t forget to visit Manhattan Home Design! Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing MCM replicas for a decade.