2 Design Ideas Featuring the Nelson Bench – Mid Century Modern Icon

Searching for a pretty furniture piece to level-up your interiors’s beauty? Checking all the boxes, the aesthetically pleasing Nelson Bench designed by American Modernist George Nelson in the 1940s is a coveted furniture piece in the modern industry. We just can’t get enough of its unique frame!. 

Having a hard time incorporating this distinctive furnishing into your own interior design? There’s no need to worry! Here are a couple clever design ideas featuring the slatted wood Nelson Bench for inspiration… 

1. Combine a Pair Benchers

nelson bench

Source: All About Interiors

By combining a pair of multipurpose Nelson Bench, you will be able to capitalize every nook and cranny of the interior. The small living room shown above utilizes space successfully! The and robust, clean cut silhouette of the bench makes it a space-saving tool, despite its industrial look. 

Since traffic flow is essential in living spaces, by combining these two benches you get much more usable surface area. I mean, who wouldn’t like this terrifically stylish living space?

2. Go for Warm Hues

nelson bench

Source: All About Interiors

In the space above, we can see warm colors wonderfully coupled against the natural hued Nelson Bench. This creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere! The rich textures of the slatted wood bench, sofa and cozy throw add refinement and sophistication to space. 

The balance from the white walls and neutral background is a great scene for this statement worthy piece. Not only does the mix of decor pieces on the bench add more dimension, it also makes it feel more dynamic.

We hope this info inspires you and these design ideas help successfully incorporate this mid century icon into your home. Which of these design ideas did you like best? Tell us below! For Nelson Bench replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

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