2 Mid Century Modern Design Icons Every Home Needs

Did you know mid century modern design style is a hot trend? According to Curbed, the world is obsessed with it. Classified by organic influences, flat planes, expanses of glass and simple forms, this aesthetic is all about items that are timeless and sleek. This era was also pivotal for furniture design – many design icons originated back then!

The 20th century brought some of the most iconic chairs, most are still as popular and as relevant as when they were first created. In fact, some mid century modern furniture pieces have never stopped being produced according to Forbes. Today, we’ll be discussing 2 mid century modern design icons…  

1. Womb Chair

womb chair

Source: Source: Modsy

The enveloping Womb Chair is a mid century modern design icon that came into the scene in 1946. It was inspired by Florence Knoll who dreamt about a comfortable chair that “is like a basket full of pillows”. Renowned Finnish/American designer and architect Eero Saarinen made her dream come true! 

2. Wishbone Chair

wishbone chair

Soure: Curated Interior

Master of Danish design Hans Wegner crafted the Wishbone Chair, another mid century design icon in 1944. Beautifully bringing together function and form, he used a unique ‘Y’ shape on the chair for comfort, but minimal support on the back.

Over his career, he crafted a myriad of chair designs, including the three legged Shell Chair with an avant-garde vibe, a masterpiece.

These innovations were so different from others back then, no surprise they become icons. Which of these is your favorite? For the furniture pieces above, visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted items.

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