2 Nordic Mid Century Modern Design Pioneers

Function-meets-form principle is the hallmark of Scandinavian mid century modern furniture. The craftsmanship incorporated into these design icons inspires a look and feel of organic modernism and simplicity. 

These two Nordic designers and architects were instrumental in the evolution of a design style that remains incredibly revered to this day. Read on… You’ll be amazed!

Hans Wegner

shell chair

Danish master Hans Wegner played a vital role in popularizing Danish design all over the world. Trained in architecture and carpentry, he’s famous for designing more than 200 elegant, expertly-crafted chairs. 

Wegner’s most iconic designs ever are the comfortably curved Wishbone Chair crafted out of traditional wood and the edgy Shell Chair with an avant-garde vibe. 

His Peacock Chair, Papa Bear Chair, desks, coffee tables, sofas and lighting, all reflect his desire for craftsmanship and functionality. His impressive work showcases his ability to combine function, form and impeccable artistry in one furnishing.

Finn Juhl

finn juhl sideboard

Danish architect, industrial and interior designer Finn Juhl was best known internationally for introducing Danish Modern to America and for being one of the pioneers of the distinctive Danish design style back in the 1940s. 

Juhl exhibited his radical furniture designs at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibitions, where his work was met with criticism. Finn Juhl was more radical than some of his peers, and eventually, his design aesthetic influenced the style of homes all over the world. 

Signature staples of Finn Juhl were the organically shaped No. 45 Chair, the well-loved Pelican Chair and the iconic Finn Juhl Sideboard beautifully combining wood, steel and colors from Goethe’s color wheel.

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