3 Interior Design Ideas Showcasing the Statement Worthy Nelson Bench

Looking for a multi functional, handsome furnishing for your home? Try the statement worthy Nelson Bench, a mid century modern masterpiece. Designed by American industrial designer of Modernism George Nelson in 1946, this slatted wood bench boasts an exquisite, distinguishable frame. 

Here are a few interior design ideas boasting the iconic George Nelson Bench for inspiration:

1. Start with Your Bedroom

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

The adaptable slatted wood Nelson Bench lets you perfectly partner it with your bedroom. You may accomplish a myriad of things! White walls and bedding is a practical option. To add personality, layer it with a furry rug and other dark furnishings, decor items or architectural elements. 

I mean, who would love this dark, modern and sleek bedroom? The interior design lets the bench with an understated beauty stand out!

2. Try Traditional, yet Modern

nelson  bench

Source: All About Interiors

This chic, modern interior boasts a Nelson Bench. Its contours are strikingly highlighted by the natural light. It merges attractively with the unembellished walls and the linear furniture pieces. 

The charming decor pieces on top of it helps it beautifully blend with this contemporary space. It brings character and depth to an already eye-catching living space. Doesn’t the textured area rug further highlight the bench’s magnificence? 

3. Consider a Neutral Color Scheme

nelson bench

Source: All About Interiors

The well-designed structure of the Nelson Bench 72 makes it invariably an extraordinary furniture piece for. The sprawling wood ceiling combined with the natural light flooding in, makes it the best canvas to locate the bench. 

All at once you get a vibe of modern and fresh while also seeming European inspired. By keeping a light color scheme as it was beautifully done above, you forge a sense of calmness.

We hope this info inspires you and these interior design ideas help you effectively incorporate this mid century modern masterpiece into your home. Which of these ideas is your fave? We’d love to know! For Nelson Bench replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

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