3 Leather Sofas that’ll Add Refinement to Your Home – from Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Swan Sofa

Looking for that ideal seat to kick back and relax on? Let a leather sofa fill your furnishings gap! Opt for a durable yet stylish leather piece like the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa that’ll offer long lasting comfort, while standing up to slobber, stains and surprise house guests.

Leather is surprisingly easy to clean, pet-friendly and just so happens to wear minor damage well. With fine leather spills may be wiped away easily! Another major benefit of leather is that it gets much better with age. In time, natural wear will break in your sleek seat.

Woodrow box

Whether you like sleek backs, tufted cushions, tufted seats or a petite size, there’s a leather sofa for you on this list. Check out our roundup of all-star leather sofas available online, from Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa to Swan Sofa. Read  on… 

1. Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa

woodrow box

Source: Pinterest

The timeless Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa with luxurious button-free tufted seats is always an instant upgrade to any living room. Reviving the modernist look of the 20th century, this classic sofa with retro charm in cognac hue is stunning.

And, the brass tipped stiletto legs add the right amount of detail to the inherently MCM Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa. We love how the plush cushioning contrasts the walnut wood frame!

2. Nakki Sofa

woodrow box

A simple caramel leather sofa that doesn’t need any bells and whistles to impress. This friendly sofa showcases a pleasing visual contrast between the voluminous padding, robust cushions and slender legs. Nakki combines comfort with clean lines in a new and charming fashion. 

3. Swan Sofa

woodrow box

Source: HomeDesigning

A sofa like no other, the Swan Sofa is brimming with sophistication and minimalist charm. This fluid design was created by Danish figure Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and was created with fluid curves and a molded shell. A fantastic sofa since its simple design effortlessly works in harmony with any color.

woodrow box

Source: Pinterest

We hope this info truly inspires you. Which of these sofas won the battle? Tell us below! Personally, our favorite is the modernist Woodrow Box Skandi Leather Sofa due to elegance and comfort level. 

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