3 Mesmerizing Interiors Boasting the Iconic Womb Chair

Did you know the iconic Womb Chair is a groundbreaking invention designed to fulfill Florence Knoll’s dream? Amazing! In fact, she dreamt about a lounge chair where she could comfortably curl up in. 

Created back in 1946 by Finnisht born Modernist Eero Saarinen, this mid century modern design classic has become a popular furniture piece all over the world.

The blend of aesthetic value and unique architectural design makes the enveloping Womb Chair a great addition to any home. Here are a few mesmerizing interiors boasting this masterpiece:

1. Minimal Living Room

womb chair

Source: DecorPad

This enchanting minimally chic living room beautifully showcases a floor lamp, comfy light gray Womb Chair covered in soft wool, a gold side table, atop a fluffy light color area rug for texture. 

All the muted tones in this interior blend magnificently well. Don’t you just love how the fireplace adds that much needed warmth to the living space?

2. Cute Baby Girl Nursery

womb chair

Source: DecorPad

A clean lined Tulip Table by Saarinen is paired with a clear Ghost Chair in this adorable pink and orange nursery. Not only does the Womb Chair add comfort to the room, this modern piece also contributes to the overall design appeal. 

While the walls are kept white, a pink and orange rug adds dimension to the wood floors. Don’t you just love the mix of colors and textures featured here?

3. Luxurious Bedroom

womb chair

Source: DecorPad

This dark gray bedroom boasts a vaulted ceiling and a trendy chandelier illuminating a leather headboard in a queen bed beautifully dressed in white and gray bedding, placed in front of windows. 

This luxurious master bedroom also showcases a pair of brass side tables, a pure white Womb Chair and a bench at the foot of the bed.

We hope this info truly inspires you. Which of these mesmerizing interiors is your fave? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments section below. For the Womb Chair replica, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing coveted mid century modern furniture pieces for over a decade. 

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