3 Valuable Resources To Accompany Your Arco Lamp

Understandably, the Arco lamp has become not only your favorite element within your layout but also one of the most valuable components you have, in a sense both aesthetic and functional. Therefore, it’s always worthwhile to accompany it with other equally outstanding elements that bring out its best face. We mention 3 of them:

  • The central rug: a special ally. A rug is not always considered necessary in all types of decorations, but some of them can really look great depending on how you have arranged the furniture within the area. Also, there are so many different types of rugs that the task of choosing the right one can be difficult. Just be sure to thoroughly evaluate your options and follow your instincts before choosing.
  • Sofa or sectional? Sectionals are directly designed to cover the corners of a room and fit certain layouts comfortably and visually well-made, but some people place them in the center of the room and still look great. However, before deciding on one of these two, think about which one really suits you best to have in an aesthetic and functional sense.
  • Pieces of art. Some think that there’s a piece of art waiting to be found by each person destined to become its owner. When you find yours, make sure it’s compatible with what you want to express, that represents your tastes and the color palette of the place.

The ideas that may have come up while reading this article are very valuable, so take note of each one. Start exploring the amazing possibilities that your Arco lamp and your living room offers you and create a stunning layout.

Arco Lamp
Source: FLOS USA

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