3 Ways to Style the Iconic Egg Chair

Source: Decoist

Designed back in the fifties, the Egg Chair was a showstopper that truly defined its era. It cemented its brilliant creator’s reputation as one of the great designers of all time. 

Six decades later, Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair is still as popular as ever. Recently released in a natural leather hue with gold base, it’s beautifully suited to a contemporary aesthetic.

A Danish Masterpiece of its Time

Being still manufactured today, the Egg Chair was designed in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen.

Source: Decoist

It was originally created to furnish the foyer of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark’s first skyscraper ever. The hotel was Jacobsen’s opus – a project for which he designed everything, from the outside in, including the lighting, door handles and even the cutlery.

While the building was a hard-edged edifice, the Egg Chair was a curving organic form, offering comfort and an element of privacy for the sitter in the otherwise public space of the hotel’s lobby. The unique shape, on its star-like swivel base, was era-defining, earring it icon status

Ways to Style the Egg Chair

1. Retro Charm

Source: Decoist

About a decade ago, celebrated British designer Paul Smith produced the Egg Chair, Swan Chair and other Jacoben’s pieces in striped Paul Smith fabrics. 

Doesn’t this image bring you way back to the decade of the groovy ‘70s with the chair upholstered in orange stripes and nostalgic brown?.

2. Neutral Color Scheme

Souce: Decoist

With its luxuriously soft natural leather upholstery and gold-plated aluminum stand, the 60th-anniversary edition of the icon couldn’t be more on trend. 

Pair it with a leather and linen pouffe as it was beautifully done here, and matt heather walls for a modern update to the design classic.

3. Cozy Vintage

The Egg Chair fits perfectly in this mid century style room. A vintage-style background complements the chair’s mid century shape beautifully. 

Just try positioning the Jacobsen chair in front of bookshelves for a cosseting, library feel. A green background, with subtle splashes of colour, giving it a contemporary edge.

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