4 Elements To Reinforce The Mid-Century Modern Style of Your Living Room

Surely you’ve felt the same type of attraction that many other people have also experienced: those designs based on the simple and functional, with geometric lines and striking colors, elegant pieces focused on being very useful, and at the same time providing a lot of aesthetic value. Yes; we’re talking about the Mid-Century Modern style, and in this article, we suggest four legendary designs that can help you to reinforce this trend within your home.

* .- The Arco Lamp: This lamp is an impressive design for several reasons: not only for its authentic Carrara marble base but for the wide functionality it provides, allowing to shed light where it’s most needed.

* .- The Noguchi Table: The biomorphic lines of this table revolutionized the way coffee tables should be conceived. It’s one of the most representative and important designs of the MCM and your living room deserves a copy.

* .- Eames Lounge Chair: This great lounge chair and its respective ottoman are practically the most iconic design of the Mid-Century Modern style and the most famous one. There’s currently an Eames Lounge Chair in millions of spaces around the world.

* .- Eames Office Chair: Have you had to install a home office? This desk chair can offer you all the technical and aesthetic features you need to give your workspace a consistent look with the rest of your decor.

This selection of pieces is just one example of the elements you can add to your space to make it more authentic. You can check the catalogs to look out for the other models that this magnificent decorative style can offer you.

Mid-Century Modern