5 Modern AirBnBs touting the Eames Lounge Chair Replica – that will give you the travel bug

If you still haven’t decided on getting that Eames lounge chair replica, or you don’t have the money yet, there are a lot of other ways you could get to enjoy the comfort, luxury, and style of the iconic recliner. One of this ways is getting into the home of someone that already owns one, and what if that included some added sightseeing and tourism? How could you get both?

Short answer: Airbnb. The bane of hotel chains around the world, and the best way of getting a hotel room ever invented, especially for a home design lover. There are a lot of Airbnb’s around the world that have an Eames lounge chair replica, are here we’re naming five of them, located in beautiful settings from all over the globe:

Duplex Loft – Paris, France – https://www.airbnb.co.ve/rooms/770730

Jessica’s loft, located in the Marais district, is spacious and conveniently located for transport and sightseeing. Who doesn’t want to travel to the city of light? (and enjoy its unforgettable nights sitting on an Eames lounge chair replica?) The Eames chair is a black leather variant right next to the bed (for late night reading sessions of French poetry, maybe).

Duplex apartment – San José, Costa Rica – https://www.airbnb.co.ve/rooms/23611312

A very cozy and comfortable home with lots of room for roaming around and listening to the sounds of one of the most beautiful Central American capitals. The Eames lounge chair replica sits at the very center of the living room and it’s made from tan leather. One can only imagine enjoying a tasty Costa Rican coffee on a hot afternoon.

Historical Flat – New York City – https://www.airbnb.co.ve/rooms/23611312

Almost a thousand square feet of space and lots of architectural and home design marvels. It also features other types of Eames chairs, a George Nelson bed, and a Baughman sofa. What more could you ask for on a trip to the big apple? The lounge chair is also black leather (seems very original) and is covered on pillows, which only makes it look better, actually.

1st floor apartment – Vienna, Austria – https://www.airbnb.co.ve/rooms/1648369

These guys offer almost every service you could ask for on a trip to Europe, though if you find yourself in Vienna you will probably not want to spend a lot of time indoors. This particular apartment, though beautiful, is not very spacious nor furnished, but the Eames chair makes it all O.K. Take a peek inside and stay a while!

Cabin – Running Springs, California – https://www.airbnb.co.ve/rooms/21110892

Now, for the final offer: imagine being surrounded by wood, having a fireplace in front of you, a good book, a cup of tea, and the sound of wind softly rustling the leaves of tress in front of a very big window. You look around and all you see are mid-century furnishings. Is this heaven? (Note: you’re also sitting on a very nice replica of an Eames lounger).

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