All About George Nelson and his Iconic Nelson Bench

To many, George Nelson is recognized as the mastermind behind iconic pieces like the Ball Clock, the Coconut Chair and his masterpiece the Nelson Bench – the most recognized piece ever!  

However, these design icons showcase just a fragment of the prodigious output offered by a person who shaped the American design scene after World War II. 

About the Designer

A Modernist architect, author, engaging educator, photographer, home furnishings designer and even a rabble-rouser, George Nelson’s mark will be forever echoed amongst the pages of design books, shaping mid century modern design in the United States and the world for more than four decades.

Throughout his prodigious career, Nelson composed a collection of stunning pieces like the stylish Nelson Bench 4 feet. His contributions filled the globe we live in with hundreds of buildings, exhibitions, furniture pieces, along with 150 magazine articles and  a dozen books.

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

About the Masterpiece

The slatted wood bench with industrial vibe created by George Nelson in 1946, is a mid century modernism icon. Utility and beauty were equally important for Nelson! 

And, this bench is the amalgamation of these thoughts. It perfectly serves as a bench, table, seating area or ottoman, depending on personal needs. It’s no surprise it’s been admired by experts thanks to its timeless design! 

Even if it was designed decades ago, the Nelson Bench 72″ still stands now as a benchmark for modern furniture design. Like other Nelson pieces, the bench’s clean lines reflect his love for honest design, white perfectly showcasing his architectural roots.  

We hope this info inspires you. Now and in the upcoming future, George Nelson’s name will be featured all over design books, while changing the way that people see the world. For Nelson Bench replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design.

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