All About the Iconic Wegner Shell Chair

The Shell Chair by Hans Wegner is an intriguing Danish design of the 20th century. As its appeal wasn’t trivial, it’s why the three legged chair wasn’t an instant commercial success. It took people 35 years to truly appreciate the extraordinary chair’s unconventional form!

Compelling Story 

Danish Modernism figure Wegner was a legendary designer, who was passionate about chairs, earning “the Master of the Chair” nickname. He’s responsible for over 500 chair designs, most of them still produced. 

shell chair

Source: Dwell

Even though the Shell Chair was first introduced to the public in 1963, its compelling story dates back to 48 when he experimented with an innovative process of molding wood.  

He presented the three legged Shell Chair in 1963 at a Danish furniture exhibition. Sadly, its futuristic, avant-garde shape made the public reluctant even if critics adored it. The production was stopped!

shell chair

Source: Dwell

Fortunately according to Merchant & Makers, in 1997 two of the original 1963 chairs were auctioned at Sotheby’s in London, going for £20,000 each. It’s story dramatically changed! 

Going back into production that same year, it immediately enjoyed a breakthrough in the furniture design industry.  It was awarded a myriad of coveted design awards! 

shell chair

Source: Home and Designing


The floating lightness of the Shell Chair is unusual.  Its design embodies Wegner’s famous credo: “A chair should have no rear view. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” 

The Shell Chair’s futuristic shape looks beautiful from any angle. Its organic curves were achieved with molded plywood. A span of the chair, with its wing like parabolic form, is a distinctive feature of Wegner’s design, giving its famous smiling appearance. 

shell chair

Source: Dwell

Last Thoughts

According to Forbes, pieces with extraordinary value and rare first editions that are reintroduced in the auction market like the avant-garde Shell Chair are prime investments. 

Though this masterpiece didn’t have a good first reception, it’s been produced until now, and it’s now found in stylish homes worldwide. Good design that wasn’t in style will never go out of style! 

shell chair

Source: Decoist

For Shell Chair replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing MCM replicas for a decade. 

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