Aspirational Eames Lounge Chairs from Manhattan Home Design

Ah, the Eames Lounge chair. Some hate it, some prefer long couches, but the truth is we can’t live without it. The lounge chair (like its partner, the mid-century modern armchair) is more than just a place to rest your backside. Depending on the model you get and the room you put it in, it can become a very private, intimate individual space. This is especially true of the Eames Lounge chair itself, the well-worn baseman’s mitt, as it was once described.

There are many choices when it comes to lounge chairs, and mid-century modernist designers definitely left us with a lot to think about in regards of their design, comfort, and style. Here are five renditions of this venerable item, tailored for five different styles and uses. All of them are renditions of the original classic black Eames Lounge chair, only with different kinds of public in mind.

Eames Lounge Chair – Antique Brown

Charles and Ray Eames were one of those geniuses who preferred to stay out of the spotlight, always thinking, pondering, creating. It’s really impressive that we’re still selling and manufacturing the Eames Lounge chair, since it looks like it belongs in a museum. Goes perfectly with neutral-colored interiors, preferably a lot of gray or white, and dark woods like walnut. However, this is not your particular ELC. This is an Antique Brown version, a warmer variant that will look great in any kind of home that favors a wider color palette, lots of wood, and the look of reddish aniline leather.

Eames Lounge chair – Classic White

When somebody says “lounge chair” most people think of something like this. The Classic White is one of the most elegant lounge chair around, perfectly suitable for any environment but definitely better suited for a place that matches its classic, luxurious style. You will get a totally different look from this chair, especially if you put it as a centerpiece on your home. Manhattan Home Design’s variant is better suited for places with a lot of white in them, and even places where the color palette is much more minimal, even monochromatic.

Eames Lounge chair – Cream Version

Think about it as a quieter, more contemporary successor to the concept that inspired the original Eames Lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1960s. This lounge chair is also a part of the collection established by Manhattan Home Design, and it proudly follows a home design trend that still stands today, one that favors milder colors to seize the ambiance and style of pastel colors, which are very much in right now. Ideal for large living rooms, they look best in pairs, almost facing each other but separated by a small coffee table or stand. You can also take advantage of the two cream-colored ottomans.

Eames Lounge chair – White with Black Base

This lounge chair is for those who prefer a more futuristic and cozy approach to the lounge chair. The Eames Lounge chair is for people who enjoy sinking inside their chairs and feeling how the upholstery wraps them up and keeps them comfortable. The chair is not just for deep resting, however. The design also allows you to keep your posture, and hopefully enjoy an amenable conversation with friends over a cup of coffee.

Eames Lounge chair – Big & Tall Version

A spiritual replica of the famous Eames Lounge chair by the Eames couple, constructed in the classic black design but amped up in its measurements, meant to sit people up to 6 foot 3 inches in height. The Big & Tall version is built for people who enjoy lounging in style and also without much hassle. It is a huge yet well-made object that will work everywhere regardless of its size, in fact, it might look best in small spaces like studio apartments.