The Best Eames Lounge Replica In The Market Is Back

This is the best Eames Lounge Replica with ottoman in the market today. You might not know the difference at first with other replicas, but we are here to tell you all about it, let’s dive deep into the manufacturing process to see how these are made. Aside from that, you can go right into the Manhattan Home Design website to learn more about it. This is the most incredible Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica that you can get right now. This is it: you won’t find anything that has this level of quality, aside from the original. What makes it so great: let’s look at some factors.


  • High-quality aniline leather

This is the dealmaker. The outstanding quality of the leather makes this Eames lounge chair one of the best products you can get for your money right now. The cushions are interchangeable and they are also filled with high-density foam to provide you with that sinking feeling that everyone knows and loves. This is only true of the replica sold by Manhattan Home Design, but you can see this if you go to their showroom in Manhattan, and also if you order leather samples from the company that will convince you of its quality.

  • Top-grade walnut plywood

The best in its class hailing all the way from South America to your door. The plywood panels are individually treated and blended together using special manufacturing techniques pioneered by the Eames couple, who created the original chair in the 1960s. This is the best plywood cut that you can get, other retailers choose to carve the wood directly into a piece for the frames, and this makes it less flexible or more prone to decay over the years. The Eames lounge chair replica with ottoman has all the specifications that makes it stand out from other manufacturers.

  • Silicone shock mounts

These are the joints of the chair. You will find that many people use rubber shock mounts on their chairs which also makes them prone to breakage and not very durable. With silicone shock mounts you get a chair that will not break and stands in the same quality standard as the original. This is also a manufacturing technique that allows us to offer a quality chair while keeping the price down to almost a third of what you would originally pay. If you choose to buy an original chair, you will see for yourself that you are only buying the brand name, which is what makes it cost more. The chairs that have the original brand name usually cost around $,6000, while this chair goes for about $1,000.


But seriously, there is no better place for you to get one of these chairs. Go to Manhattan Home Design and see for yourself. They have been doing this for more than 15 years now, and the quality of mid-century modern furniture is something that many people have taken advantage of to sell products that shouldn’t exist. Great replicas are hard to come by.

This Is The Best Website To Buy An Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica

Looking for a good Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica is not as easy as many people think, in fact you have to browse dozens of sites to sometimes get one that resembles the real thing. However, this does not have to be this way if you know exactly where to go, there are not a lot of websites out there that actually sell the chair in a way that allows the customer to be completely satisfied.

There will always be websites out there that are looking to make a quick buck out of the desperation of many consumers to get such an item of luxury, you have to know where you are buying your chair from and if it meets the expectations that you would require for a good Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica.

That being said, we recommend Manhattan Home Design. This is the place where you will find an Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica that really lives up to your expectations. Their replicas are crafted just as good as the original designs, which are currently being sold by companies that will charge you an amount that you could use to buy two of these chairs at Manhattan Home Design. Simply put, Manhattan Home Design is the best place where you can get one of these chairs right now.

Why is Manhattan Home Design the preferred site for buying an Eames lounge chair and ottoman?

The design that they sell, first and foremost, has the same measurements and features of the original, albeit at a very low price when compared to the bigger manufacturers out there. Instead of producing warped chairs with low quality wood and leather, Manhattan Home Design uses high quality aniline Italian leather and high quality walnut wood for the cushions and the veneer, as well as silicon shock mounts that will stand the test of time for many years. This is your best option when you consider buying an Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica.

Apart from the high quality leather and the walnut, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman reproduction sold at Manhattan Home Design has interchangeable cushions that create a flexible and elegant design, just like the original. It does not have the curves and added weird functions that you will encounter in cheaper chairs, and you will feel more comfortable sitting on it than you would on a chair that costs less. The leather sheets and walnut plywood sheets that make up the upholstery and the veneer are hand selected by a group of expert craftsmen, making this chair a revolutionary replica that stands to be just as good as the original.

If you’re still undecided, you should know that these guys are having a lot of discounts right now, and that they also sell other mid-century modern best sellers. This means that they also have the Womb chair and ottoman replica, the Noguchi table replica, and other replicas that will make you go wow. This is a very good opportunity for you to get the quality that you deserve in furniture, quality that differentiates itself from other, cheaper manufacturers out there. Head over to Manhattan Home Design and make your purchase now, you won’t regret it.

Things To Consider Before Getting Your Eames Lounge Chair Reproduction

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before buying an Eames lounge chair replica. Firstly, it is one of the most copied items in the history of architecture and home design. Secondly, everyone loves it, so there’s a big market for it with a huge demand, if that wasn’t clear from the start. These two points of view force potential buyers to do some research before buying, as constant reproduction has caused the best replicas to blend in the crowd. How do you spot a quality Eames Lounge chair replica? How do you make sure it stays true to the original design?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Eames lounge chair for yourself, you need to hold that thought. You could easily fall for one of the million scams and poor-quality reproductions out there. Built in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Lounge chair replica was intended to be mass-produced and affordable, bringing the best of modernist design in Europe to America in a gorgeous, sleek package that represented the spirit of the postwar middle classes that were beginning to thrive in the latter half of the 20th century.

If you want to know what makes a good Eames lounge chair reproduction, first and foremost, look for a five-leg base in the chair and a four-leg base in the ottoman. This is not a crucial part of the chair’s ergonomics but it follows the original design by Charles and Ray Eames. Also, see that the cushions are interchangeable. The designers intended for people to switch between the three cushions to avoid losing comfort and to make them last longer. Also, ask about the shock mounts in the back of the chair. These are the two phone-shaped connectors that join the headrest with the lower back cushion. Are they made of rubber? Most shock mounts are, and that leads to breakage and malfunctioning after a few years.

Great replicas will have silicon shock mounts, which last forever. Also, does the chair recline? It has to recline all the way! The natural angle of a great replica is about 15 degrees. After you check for these details, also check if the cushions are replaceable and interchangeable, this was one of the primary design breakthroughs that made the ELC what it is today. If your seat cushion became too flat from long sitting periods, you could just change it by the one on the ottoman, and vice versa. Each cushion should have two big buttons as well

The price is also a very important aspect of the purchase, after all, an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman combo costs about $6,000. This means that there are a lot of knockoffs that scammers that try to sell for about $4,000. The truth is a great replica will never surpass $1,500. You could go as far as $2,000 for luxury materials, but if the chair is just above the $1,000 mark, you’re good to go. For this very reason try to stay away from replicas that cost less than $500, because they tend to be very poorly made, and most of them (when compared) don’t look at all like the real thing. The $600-$1,000 range is fine, and the closer it is to $1,000, the better it will be quality-wise.

Manhattan Home Design really sells the best reproductions of the Eames lounge chair reproduction. There is nothing to compare them to other, cheaper reproductions out there that look nothing like the original. We want you to experience the real thing when buying an Eames Lounge chair reproduction, so go get yours now from Manhattan Home Design!

The Eames Lounge Chair Replica Is The Most Iconic Lounge Chair You Can Buy

The Eames Lounge chair replica from Manhattan Home Design is one of the best lounge chairs ever designed. If you’re looking for elegance and a timeless look, get yourself one of these chairs and make yourself the most envied person amongst your friends. The Eames Lounge chair replica does not have any contenders in the mid-century modern world, aside from other icons like the Womb chair and the Noguchi table. If you want to experience real quality, and want to own one of the best known icons in mid-century modern furniture, get yourself an Eames Lounge chair, we mean it, there’s nothing better out there.

Why is the Eames Lounge chair replica the most iconic chair in the world?

For starters, the ELC is featured not only in homes and offices around the world, but it also has its place in many museums and high-end places. Not too long ago, the Eames Lounge chair was part of an exhibition at MoMA, an exhibition that celebrated the work of Charles and Ray Eames in its entirety. The Eames Lounge chair is also a permanent staple of the Eames House in California. You can go see it and marvel at its grandiosity, right there in the sunny state of California.

The fame of the Eames Lounge chair has to do with the fact that it does not look like any other lounge chair in the world. The mid-century modern movement extends all over the world, and there are many designers that make it great. From Asia, to Australia, to the United States and Europe, the mid-century movement made a lot of incredible breakthroughs in industrial design and materials. The walnut and leather classic finish became a staple of other lounge chairs that came after the Eames Lounge chair, all thanks to the work of Charles and Ray Eames.

Who were Charles and Ray Eames?

The Eames Lounge chair reproduction is inspired by the original Eames Lounge chair that came out in the 1960s. Charles and Ray Eames worked together on the design, even though it was Charles Eames who mostly advertised it in TV shows and films of the era. People tend to forget that they were a couple, and that their work was just as attributable to Charles, who was an architect by profession, as it is attributable to Ray, who was a painter and artist.

They met on the 1940s and were married on the 1950s, creating what would later become the Eames office, whose headquarters are now in California, as we mentioned before. The combination of the Lounge chair and the ottoman was something that had never been done before the way the Eames couple did it, and we have to thank them as well for breakthroughs in the treatment of plywood, fiberglass, and fabrics.

Manhattan Home Design is the best place that you can visit to get yourself an Eames Lounge chair. With a great showroom in the heart of Manhattan, you can get yourself a quality mid-century modern reproduction of the Eames Lounge chair for a lot less that you would by buying it from the original designers.

Decorating Your Home With The Eames Lounge Chair Replica and Other Icons

The idea of keeping things ‘neutral’ has always been associated with the idea of playing it safe, and the Eames Lounge chair replica offers people the ability to do just that. Let’s examine this item that we have on our sights at the moment, in depth, so we provide you with a complete Interior Design guide. The fact that we are doing this guide in two parts does not mean that you should read both articles one after the other, but consider the ideas posed here as good suggestions for getting yourself a timeless and elegant item in the mid-century modern world, the Eames lounge chair replica.

This year has been the year of elegant color, in the words of many styles and décor blogs, mainly in part because 2018 was the year of neutral palettes. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and you might be asking yourself: does mid-century modernist furniture have a place in the world of bright colors? The answer is, of course, yes. Mid-century modern furniture items can go well everywhere, the difference between it working and not working on a room has to do with you, most of the time.

Bright colors are not in stock when it comes to this chair. We have written a lot of blog posts about how you should style with this replica, given that a lot of professional interior designers consider the Eames lounge chair replica as an item that people feel very comfortable and confident with when it comes to the decoration of their own homes.

Who wouldn’t want to have a long, elegant, Eames lounge chair replica in their living room? The item, given its price, is usually not as best-selling as the Womb chair replica, but it still keeps most of the aesthetic appeal. It is always best to place it as a leisure lounge chair because of its angled shape on the back: pushing it against the wall with only make you lose space, and this goes for the Womb chair replica and the Barcelona chair replica as well. If you’re considering an Eames Lounge chair replica for your space, take this into consideration.

The Eames lounge chair replica pairs best with the Noguchi table replica. If you purchase two Eames lounge chairs you can put a Noguchi table replica right in the middle and it will look very elegant and minimalist. Consider using your Eames Lounge chair chairs as practical items that you can move around the home to create spots for recreation. They are big enough to hold a large person comfortably and the table creates an excellent contrast with any of the tones that you choose to purchase.

That being said, let’s talk a bit more about tones: you have two more choices besides the black, and these are antique brown leather and white. These color choices are not universal to every website, just Manhattan Home Design, as the other websites will only offer black and white black and white. A tan Eames lounge chair replica is a great addition for apartments with white finishing around the space and surrounding furniture.

Purchasing An Eames Lounge Chair from Manhattan Home Design

The Eames lounge chair replica can be a great purchase in pairs, that’s where you will make the most of it. If you want, you can forgo the table and go for two of them, diagonally placed towards each other with a short and sweet side table in the middle. Don’t worry about the prices: when you compare the quality that we are offering with our competitors, you’ll understand why purchasing from Manhattan Home Design is the right choice.

This might be the most versatile combination with the Eames lounge chair replica. The Eames dining chairs, the Womb chair with ottoman, and the Noguchi table replica are not just complementary items to the Eames Lounge chair replica, but they can also work alone very well on their own. Consider purchasing three or more Eames dining chair replicas for your living room to place in various spots to fill awkward spaces that might be left between, behind, and in front of the furniture you already purchased.

An original Eames Lounge chair will cost you upwards of $6,000, much like an original Womb lounge chair with ottoman. A replica will cost you about a fifth of the price, and no matter what the empty-wallet snobs out there are telling you, it is still an Eames lounge chair replica. The same goes for all of the other items on this collection at Manhattan Home Design.

Nowadays, great design is a bit more democratic and you can get yourself a quality replica for only a fraction of the “certified” asking price. The Eames Lounge chair replica’s appeal has stayed the same for years, and now it is as good a moment as any to get any one of these items. Everybody wants a real one, but only a few get the pleasure. Like original Eames furniture, the Eames lounge chair replica is very pricey, but when you purchase from Manhattan Home Design, you can be sure you’re getting a quality item.

The Eames lounge chair replica can be a huge option for placing as a side piece on any living room, either in conjunction with a loveseat or the Womb chair replica itself, as pairing it with the Noguchi Table replica would probably take just too much space. Last but not least, think about mid-century modern benches as small additions to any bedroom, living room or entrance that might have empty walls in need of some revamping, though they also work great at the foot of the bed.

This is why we will always tell you that Manhattan Home Design is the site where you should be thinking about purchasing your Eames lounge chair replica. When you look at the whole collection you might also want to purchase other items, but you would do better by starting out with the Eames Lounge chair replica and then thinking about other items that can go well will it.

You can get these items at a price that you’re not going to find anywhere else, especially with the quality of these items in mind. Manhattan Home Design does it right, and they deserve recognition for that. The best replicas on the market today come from this site.

Aspirational Eames Lounge Chairs from Manhattan Home Design

Ah, the Eames Lounge chair. Some hate it, some prefer long couches, but the truth is we can’t live without it. The lounge chair (like its partner, the mid-century modern armchair) is more than just a place to rest your backside. Depending on the model you get and the room you put it in, it can become a very private, intimate individual space. This is especially true of the Eames Lounge chair itself, the well-worn baseman’s mitt, as it was once described.

There are many choices when it comes to lounge chairs, and mid-century modernist designers definitely left us with a lot to think about in regards of their design, comfort, and style. Here are five renditions of this venerable item, tailored for five different styles and uses. All of them are renditions of the original classic black Eames Lounge chair, only with different kinds of public in mind.

Eames Lounge Chair – Antique Brown

Charles and Ray Eames were one of those geniuses who preferred to stay out of the spotlight, always thinking, pondering, creating. It’s really impressive that we’re still selling and manufacturing the Eames Lounge chair, since it looks like it belongs in a museum. Goes perfectly with neutral-colored interiors, preferably a lot of gray or white, and dark woods like walnut. However, this is not your particular ELC. This is an Antique Brown version, a warmer variant that will look great in any kind of home that favors a wider color palette, lots of wood, and the look of reddish aniline leather.

Eames Lounge chair – Classic White

When somebody says “lounge chair” most people think of something like this. The Classic White is one of the most elegant lounge chair around, perfectly suitable for any environment but definitely better suited for a place that matches its classic, luxurious style. You will get a totally different look from this chair, especially if you put it as a centerpiece on your home. Manhattan Home Design’s variant is better suited for places with a lot of white in them, and even places where the color palette is much more minimal, even monochromatic.

Eames Lounge chair – Cream Version

Think about it as a quieter, more contemporary successor to the concept that inspired the original Eames Lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1960s. This lounge chair is also a part of the collection established by Manhattan Home Design, and it proudly follows a home design trend that still stands today, one that favors milder colors to seize the ambiance and style of pastel colors, which are very much in right now. Ideal for large living rooms, they look best in pairs, almost facing each other but separated by a small coffee table or stand. You can also take advantage of the two cream-colored ottomans.

Eames Lounge chair – White with Black Base

This lounge chair is for those who prefer a more futuristic and cozy approach to the lounge chair. The Eames Lounge chair is for people who enjoy sinking inside their chairs and feeling how the upholstery wraps them up and keeps them comfortable. The chair is not just for deep resting, however. The design also allows you to keep your posture, and hopefully enjoy an amenable conversation with friends over a cup of coffee.

Eames Lounge chair – Big & Tall Version

A spiritual replica of the famous Eames Lounge chair by the Eames couple, constructed in the classic black design but amped up in its measurements, meant to sit people up to 6 foot 3 inches in height. The Big & Tall version is built for people who enjoy lounging in style and also without much hassle. It is a huge yet well-made object that will work everywhere regardless of its size, in fact, it might look best in small spaces like studio apartments.

Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair Replica Voted #1 on Houzz For All The Right Reasons

The Eames lounge chair is an object that can be very difficult to replicate. Search the internet for a few minutes and you will find an abundance of knockoffs, with cheap materials and not many features (some of them can’t even recline!) The Eames Lounge chair replica, being one of the most iconic items in the world, appearing in dozens of films and TV shows, and being overall one of the most comfortable chairs ever invented, is heavily copied all the time, and that doesn’t always end up well.

Following true-to-design specifications, the people at Manhattan Home Design have crafted a replica that costs a fraction of the original, certified price while still maintaining a quality that’s way beyond most reproductions currently in the market. And the users have voted to make it their number one choice. Houzz is an interior design portal that also doubles as a shop for the best in furniture from all over the world. With millions of users around the globe, this certification is a great surprise!

What’s in an MHD Eames lounge replica?

The chair is a Vitra replica, which was the first European company to receive a license to sell Herman Miller furniture pieces in Europe. They worked primarily with designs by the Eames couple and George Nelson, so the original features that have granted the chair its perfection are completely included in the MHD replica. This replica has a few modifications from the first prototypes that came up in the 1960s, but the overall quality of the product stays the same, including its incredible ergonomic capabilities.

For as little as $994 (Vitra is still selling certified models for more than $5,000) you can get the most iconic design by the Eames couple in a variety of leather and wood combinations. The quality of the replica’s design is based mainly on their choice of Italian leather and silicon shock mounts, where other cheaper knockoffs tend to use synthetic fabrics and rubber. Manhattan Home Design has retained the original measurements and manufacturing practices, except for their Big & Tall version of the chair, which was created to sit people over six foot three in height (about 1.90 m).

The chair is also an exact copy of the five-legged original design and retains the natural reclining angle with full swivel capabilities, interchangeable cushions, and FAS-certified timbers. Using materials that rival the original materials used by bigger companies in quality, Manhattan Home Design has created a great reproduction of the Eames Lounge chair. Arguably the best Eames Lounge chair replica you can find in the internet at this point in time (and there are hundreds, if not thousands of options out there).

Why should I consider Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge chair?

Besides being the number one choice for Houzz customers, a home design community with hundreds of thousands of followers in the US, the truth is that you’ll never get a better chair for the asking price. You can place the MHD replica in a mid-range cost if you compare it to the original designs ($5,000 on average) and the cheaper reproductions sold big retailers (around $800).

Manhattan Home Design is also no newcomer to the mid-century furniture business. They also make very good replicas of products by Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Isamu Noguchi (his famous table only, I’m afraid), and other furniture design giants. Since 2005, this little store if the heart of New York City has been revolutionizing the world of mid-century modern furniture with quality replicas that totally defeat expectations.

What an Eames Lounge chair replica can do for your living space

Manhattan Home Design is an online retailer of mid-century modernist furniture, currently enjoying a certain status as a replica manufacturer, featured on the Houzz portal and other sites. They also sell bedroom sets and gorgeous living room furnishings, but the crown jewel of the website is the Classic Lounge chair, or what they call their replica of the Eames Lounge chair, created in the 60s by Charles and Ray Eames, the poster designers for the American mid-century modern movement. The Eames Lounge chair replica is one of the most iconic items in all of design.

Though mid-century modern furniture is usually associated with some exaggerated items, the Eames Lounge chair replica deviates from the others on its simplicity and sleekness, replacing puffier and bulkier lounge chairs with its sleek upholstery and its modular configuration, as well as the natural-looking walnut finish, only two materials to create a masterpiece. There is, of course, many variations that Manhattan Home Design also sells, but the unadorned, neutrally colored, and black leather variant is what stays with most people, and the best-selling item in the whole roster.

Where did the Eames Lounge chair come from?

Within the world of art and design there are certain “trends” that people follow in order to make their creative wishes come true, or to adjust the space they’re designing to their own personal needs and aspirations. Charles and Ray Eames were innovators, and they did not exactly desire to get away from these trends, but they did want to embrace them in a different way. This is the concept that initially gave birth to the Eames Lounge chair.

The final prototype of the Eames Lounge chair, the one that made it into a TV show back in the sixties, is all about forgoing ornaments and returning to the object’s essence. In short, they knew this chair was going to have less things, and that it might have been conceived as a little plainer than other items, however, people would get something in return: breathing space, flexibility, and a lot less things to worry about when it came to interior design. The Eames Lounge chair is pure, unadulterated, luxury and elegance, just like other iconic items from the mid-century modern era.

Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge chair replica directly embodies these feelings of minimalism, elegance, and new values that ended up replacing the old modern furniture of the era and giving us what we now know and love. The color palette is mild and warm in the variants that they have in their catalog, so there is something for everyone. However, the main configuration is the all-black, walnut variant, in most cases. Starting at $994 for this very model, there are also brown leather and wool variants, as well as white variants, but at a higher price range.

How do I know if the Eames Lounge chair replica is for me?

Go to MHD’s website and take a look at the Eames Lounge chair replica. Would you be happy including this item into your house? Does it feel like enough for you? Those are probably the first two questions you need to answer. Do you often feel smothered by your belongings? Does your house feel like a real hassle to clean up? These questions could also tell you if you need maybe just a bit of that simple and appealing elegance in your life.

Of course, some people see the Eames Lounge chair replica as a blank canvas. Once they get the product they will add color, contrast, and ornaments. This is also valid and positive, after all, the furniture is yours!

The Eames Lounge Chair Replica Is the Most Instagrammable Chair in The World

What’s in a name? Or more importantly, what’s in a chair’s name? In the case of the Eames Lounge chair replica, the iconic lounger created by Ray and Charles Eames, a whole lot. The important thing here is safety, security, and calmness. A delicate reminiscence of an easier time that still makes us feel elegant today. The timelessness of the Eames Lounge chair replica cannot be understated; it is one of the best lounge chairs you can purchase for your living space.

But the Eames Lounge chair replica is not all profound meaning and function over form. It can be quite appealing in and on itself, on a quiet corner of a study, or in a flashy couple before a coffee table. It all depends on where you put it: it will look great as a sidepiece on a living room, or as the main leisure item in your bedroom.

The Eames lounge chair replica was the result of many hours of work by architect and designer Charles Eames and painter and overall creative mastermind Ray Eames. A prototype appeared on television in the late 60s, and it instantly became one of the best-selling items in America during that time, at the time of the mid-century modern furniture era. As a genius architect and designer, Charles Eames probably read and worked a lot, as well as Ray, they both wanted a chair that could rest in without a care in the world. A big, comfortable space for resting one’s eyes after a long day. The results of their effort gave us the Eames Lounge chair replica, and we should always be grateful to them for that.

What can an Eames lounge chair replica do for you, then? Paired with the classic ottoman, it can bring peace and coziness into the most unappealing rooms, especially those who are intended to be places of work. Getting proper rest is very important, and sitting on an Eames lounge chair replica can be akin to laying down without a bed.

The Eames Lounge chair replica comes in many colors and finishes, but interested buyers will find that they can easily discern between styles by taking usage into consideration, as it should be done with most pieces of furniture. Leather-clad chairs are excellent for the workplace, while other color variants (ottoman included) are perfect for households. No matter where you put it, it should never go on a kitchen, though there’s no doubt that it would probably make it look better from the outside.

The Eames Lounge chair replica makes for a perfect companion to a big couch or bed. As the design is common, there are many bad replicas being advertised as Eames lounge chairs. Always keep an eye for the shape of the stainless steel frames. Those that are true to the original design will have a frame that runs all the way up to the arms and the back of the chair. For this purpose, Manhattan Home Design is the best place where you can get one.