The Mind Behind The Flag Halyard Chair

It’s worth looking back to discover the work of one of the most amazing furniture designers of the last century, whose legacy is made up of many valuable designs, among which the Flag Halyard Chair is simply one of the most remembered.

The most curious thing about this particular model is that it’s one of the very few in which wood is largely absent because it’s precisely its chromed iron structure, flag halyard, leather upholstered pillow, and sheepskin cover the selection of materials that broke the continuity of wooden designs that, until then, had been constant in the Wegner’s collection.

The numbers on this designer are staggering. His total collection is estimated at more than 1200 pieces. Of these, more than 500 were chairs, almost all made of wood, and more than 100 were produced with great success and recognition.

The talented creator raised the prestige of Danish furniture design to the highest level with transcendental pieces that followed the trend of the moment and are still valid today. It’s not for nothing that some stores specialized in modern designs, such as Manhattan Home Design, which include the Flag Halyard Chair replica in their catalog.

The Eames Lounge Chair Could Become Your New Best Friend

Furniture is an essential part of your life, and whoever says otherwise is simply because they haven’t had the opportunity to use high-quality furniture pieces that generate a feeling of well-being and unmatched relaxation.

There’s no feeling that compares to the pleasant experience of falling on your bed or on your sofa to let your body and mind regain their balance and peace after a hard and difficult day.

However, a luxury chair like the Eames Lounge Chair can be much more than that, because it’s designed to officially become your favorite piece of furniture. It’s the perfect chair to accompany you for the rest of your days due to its high durability, first-class materials, and design that conquered the attention of millions of people through several generations and continues to have a place of honor as one of the most iconic models within their decorating style.

An Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can become your best friend because it’s a seat that you won’t want to get up from every time you sit in it. The leather upholstery of the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction, its wooden veneers, its iron structure, and its technical properties fully respect the specifications indicated by Charles and Ray Eames in their original design. It’s a modernist achievement that remains the perfect example of a timeless and fantastic premium piece.

Choosing The Perfect Tulip Table for Your Environment

The dining room and living room are the gathering places for friends and family to enjoy life’s special moments. When selecting your Tulip table, make sure the model you choose is meant to add elegance and functionality.

Never lose sight of the style you want to preserve. One of the most valuable properties of this table is its stunning and delicate finishes. The Mid-Century Modern style is a trend that doesn’t die! So if you want to stay in that vibe, consider neat, seamless pedestal tables like the Tulip Marble Round Table.

A black Tulip table can be the perfect way to add accent colors to an area with a light palette. Also, remember that this statuesque table is available in many shapes. The size you choose will depend on the size of the room in which you’re going to use it. Round tables are usually a safe bet for all kinds of areas.

Oval tables are also associated with dynamism and great benefits. Remember that a Tulip table replica can be everything you need and more. Tables with an oval top almost always resemble rectangular pieces but with round edges. This makes them perfect companions for pleasant moments with your family and friends.

Never doubt about your Tulip table and everything it can do for you. This Eero Saarinen masterpiece is more than you can expect from a modern table, and it will greatly enhance your décor.

The Napa Sofa: Your Direct Immersion in The MCM Vibe

The Mid-Century Modern style has become a timeless trend. It’s impressive how the passing of the decades has not been able to degrade the enormous fame and good acceptance that this trend has had over the years by the general public and specialized critics.

This has been, to a very important extent, the reason why some pieces of furniture such as the Napa sofa are among the best sellers in modern catalogs. This should come as no surprise; it’s well known that robust models with a geometric silhouette and upholstery with sophisticated finishes such as tanned leather have everything they need to become the stars of hundreds of homes around the world.

Pay attention to the characteristics of a tanned leather sofa like this one and you’ll realize that such a piece signifies your direct immersion in the MCM vibe. In short, it’s the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

After all, a midcentury sofa can improve your life quality and, at the same time, become the focal point of your environment; that is to say, the element that steals all eyes and represents the cornerstone of your decorating style. Give a tan leather couch a shot and take your environment to the next level.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Key Element In Your Floor Plan

Designing a floor plan doesn’t necessarily have to be too complicated a task or something that only experts could do well. When you have the right items on hand and use them wisely, you open the door to a world of possibilities. 

If you’re passionate about modern designs, you have to know that the Flag Halyard Chair is one of those immortal masterpieces that has conquered the taste of many users and professional interior designers for decades and can undoubtedly become a key element in your floor plan.

A well-designed floor plan should have the right balance of aesthetics and function and the right elements to make your lifestyle more comfortable and assimilable. A Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is not like the other modern chairs that you can usually find in the catalogs of that category.

Its structure, materials, style, and finishes make up a very different proposal that marked its own path from the beginning. In fact, it was the chair that broke with the continuity of designs made solely of wood that the Danish Hans Wegner had been presenting up to that moment. Making the leap from wood to stainless steel with a flag halyard and sheepskin cover was a game-changer.

Remember also that you can choose a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction as the main star of your environment since it’s much more than an accent chair. You can get a high-quality Flag Halyard Chair replica incredibly faithful to the original design in specialized online stores such as Manhattan Home Design, and thus welcome your new focal point.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Convenient Piece In Many Ways

The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a demonstration of why leather is one of the friendliest and most convenient materials for any living room. Leather is also particularly well regarded for men’s décors commonly called “man caves”.

For many specialists, the durability and ease of cleaning the tanned leather that characterizes this model are well above other less resistant materials such as velvet or cotton. Even when leather may wear down its appearance a little over the years and fade, it can still be kept in a highly acceptable quality.

Caramel sofas are a hallmark of 70s furniture upholstery fashion. Many people take years before they give leather their first try because they are not sure how good it will look on a midcentury sofa of these proportions. It’s the perfect retro item that allows for reuse for many years and can become even the most amazing family heirloom.

If you have a business in which you constantly receive people in the waiting room, such as a barbershop or an office, think how elegant a modern sofa of this style could look gleaming in the middle of the place. Dare to discover the magic of modern vibrations to give a sophisticated and authentic touch to your spaces with a Woodrow Box Skandi sofa.

3 Ways To Add The Tulip Table To Your Floor Plan

The Tulip table represents an astonishing success for people taking their first steps in the Mid-Century Modern style. It’s an iconic piece that combines the aesthetic power of its gleaming materials and finishes with the convenient practicality of a biomorphic silhouette that has become a very common reference of its time, its style, and its creator.

This very popular work by Eero Saarinen is subdivided into different models that make up a collection, and here we tell you three appropriate ways in which you can use them:

  1. As a Coffee Table. One of the Tulip table models is the right height to become your official coffee table. It’s an amazing piece that you can combine with your star sofa to make a cute and dynamic set.
  2. As an Accent Table. Accent tables are a safe bet within many settings, especially the spacious areas defined by an open-concept floor plan. Even a black Tulip table can work as an accent color if it generates a good chromatic contrast.
  3. As Main Table in Your Outdoors. Terraces, patios, balconies, and gardens can look spectacular with a Tulip table replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design, a product in which you won’t necessarily have to invest a fortune, but which will probably become your favorite station to enjoy drinks and snacks with your guests.

Whether it’s a rectangular, square, oval, or round Tulip table, with marble or wood finishes, it’s a piece that will mean a before and after in your environment, no matter in which area you decide to place it.

Everything You Need To Know About The Napa Sofa

Many people find in the Napa sofa the answer to the need they had been trying to fill for long days: a robust, quality, very durable midcentury sofa, which is also aesthetically compatible with sophisticated environments and furniture pieces that make up the trends. most accepted and recurring currently.

The fact that a tanned leather sofa like this can attract so many looks is a clear sign that people are very fond of vintage furniture, considering that the boom in furniture with caramel upholstery began in the 70s and practically has not stopped ever since.

Even though Modernism underwent several transformations during the twentieth century and was constantly readapting to changes in the market, fashions, and the public, some trends continued on the table.

It’s common for a person to come to a furniture store, don’t know exactly which sofa to choose and end up selecting such a leather couch, mostly because it’s not a modern sofa like the others, but a piece that’s distinguished by its comfort. It has not only become the star of many living rooms but also the focal point of office décors, waiting rooms, lobbies, etc.

Your encounter with the sofa can represent a before and after in the definition of your floor plan. Give this piece a try and discover its magnificent benefits.

The Arco Lamp: a Sample of The Marble’s Greatness

It can’t be denied that the Arco lamp is iconic for several reasons, but one of the most important is the impressive piece of solid marble that makes up its base. This so recognized and popular design of the Castiglioni brothers weighs in its entirety around 65 kilograms, and around 80% of that weight is all concentrated in the base.

This base is not like the base of an average floor lamp in its category, and this is obvious. Broadly speaking, it’s a parallelepiped made entirely of a solid piece of white Carrara marble. Some very selected replicas also use black marble.

The reasons why this type of marble was chosen precisely for the base of this artifact are several, all very important and considerable: firstly, a sufficiently heavy material was needed to provide stability to the design, since having that characteristic curved shape, it needed a counterweight that would allow it to maintain its balance.

The concrete was too rustic and unsightly material. Then, Carrara marble was soon chosen, not only because each piece of marble is a specimen extracted directly from nature but because it’s unmatched and irreplaceable, giving it amazing added value.

As if that were not enough, this type of marble is the same that was used in many architectural works from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire and in many works by the sculptor Michelangelo, including David. Having an Arco lamp replica like the one by Manhattan Home Design in your living room is a symbol of greatness, status, and good taste.

The Eames Lounge Chair: The Perfect Accent Chair For Your Bedroom

Adding an accent chair in the bedroom is gradually becoming an increasingly recurring trend. It’s a great advantage to be able to relax in an amazing chair like the Eames Lounge Chair, which can offer you rest, ergonomics, relaxation, and all those cozy sensations that your bed will never be able to, regardless of its quality.

An accent chair in this category can also be very convenient if you are one of those people who don’t like to lie down all the time but love the quality and privacy of your bedroom to read, watch television or even have your small office at home.

Lovers of the Mid-Century Modern style will probably be impressed just to hear the Eames Lounge Chair mentioned as a feasible option, considering that it’s a chair that has a high cost of several thousand dollars. However, there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design, a highly respectful product with the characteristics of the original design created by Charles and Ray Eames.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction like that can cause the same positive effect as the original chair concerning the overall result that will convey your decorating style. Therefore, this type of jewelry is always worth considering not only for its functional value but also for all that it can do for you in an aesthetic sense. After all, it’s one of the most legendary chairs in history.