The Eames Lounge Chair and Its Amazing Cushions

The fame of the Eames Lounge Chair is legendary. It’s spread all over the world and is known for its high-quality, ergonomics, modern style, and also for representing one of the pinnacle expressions of Mid-Century Modern style. However, another relevant reason why this chair is extraordinary is undoubtedly because of its cushions filled with memory foam. Do you know what exactly this material is?

First of all, memory foam is famous for its ability to adapt correctly to the silhouette of the person who is using it to become a more personalized seat. That is, as the people use the chair, the seat, the backrest, and the ottoman, they all also take the shape of their body.

Memory foam is a highly valued resource in furniture design today and is used in other types of products such as beds and sofas. Its origins are recorded more than fifty years ago, and the first time it was implemented by NASA to ensure maximum comfort and safety for astronauts during launches. 

Of course, the best-selling, affordable, and most requested products within this style also include it, such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design.

This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction has injected memory foam cushions and removable seats for easy replacement. Memory foam is currently such a widely used material that it’s present in many furniture designs, pillows, and even shoes.

The quality and density of this material vary according to the formula that has been used for each product. When you discover the amazing wearing experience memory foam can give you, you’ll better understand why the Eames Lounge Chair became one of the legends of its generation and a chair that continues to be among the bestsellers today.

The Tulip Table: an Extraordinary Design in Many Ways

Professional interior designers have agreed on one thing over the years: the coffee table is one of the most underrated objects among all the furniture pieces that make up a modern layout. This is more than anything curious, considering that some extraordinarily well-valued models such as the Tulip table can represent much more than what meets the eye.

The coffee table is an impressively useful item in most cases. It adds a very special kind of functionality that users often notice after setting it up and find that it’s the perfect holder for placing drinks and snacks during pleasant nights in front of the TV, enjoying their favorite series and movies.

However, beyond that, models like the black Tulip table can add the perfect accent tones to settings with a predominantly neutral or very light color palette. It’s no coincidence that the Tulip table replica is among the best-selling and best-valued products in online stores specialized in modern furniture pieces such as Manhattan Home Design.

Ever since Eero Saarinen brought this magnificent collection of pieces to the world in 1956 he has set a phenomenal precedent for the breaking of schemes in coffee table design. He transformed the traditional way in which tables were created until then.

Thanks to his innovation, originality, and how he conceived and redefined the way of designing tables, the Mid-Century Modern style currently presents an astonishingly varied and interesting catalog that to this day continues to fascinate new generations.

The Napa Sofa: Your Children’s Best Friend?

Surely you’ve heard or have ever read in sites specialized in interior design and decor that some materials are friendlier than others when you have small children at home and if we talk specifically about upholstery, the Napa sofa may be an option that’s worth considering.

This midcentury sofa has very attractive and soft tan leather upholstery that can be easily cleaned with a damp tissue, especially if they are easy-to-remove stains.

Unlike fabric sofas, leather is much more permeable, warmer, and ideal for allergy sufferers since it doesn’t collect the same amount of dust.

Another great advantage of this modern sofa is that it has very generous dimensions, focused on comfort, an aspect that’s also highly favored by its comfortable seats.

Leather upholstery can indeed be much more vulnerable than fabric to the action of sharp or pointed objects, so your children shouldn’t play with such tools near the furniture.

Likewise, if you have pets at home that have very sharp or protruding claws, it’s best to keep them away from the furniture and educate them not to approach.

In this way, you’ll prevent holes or cracks from appearing in a short time on the elegant and appealing surface of this model that’s the vivid reflection of Mid-Century Modern style and will amazingly adorn your spaces.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Powerful Piece of Metal

Choosing an aluminum-framed chair like the Flag Halyard Chair can be a huge advantage, considering its vulnerability, stability, strength, and the fact that its shape won’t change or weaken over time and heavy use. The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is a very special piece because although it contains relatively few materials in its structure, it’s designed for relax, especially because of the position that its design can provide the user. In fact, this chair was conceived during a summer afternoon in front of the beach, which probably inspired its creator to intend to generate a piece that’s friendly to the body and, at the same time, durable.

The choice of the flag line was not accidental. In fact, the designs of this Dane are characterized by paying close attention to details. Wegner used to do as much testing as necessary on a prototype until he finally got what he was looking for, both in terms of function and aesthetics, and it can be said that with the Flag Halyard Chair, he succeeded tremendously.

Users can access this magnificent design so resistant and durable that it has been recognized mainly for its originality and the experience of use that it can offer thanks to products such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. Its price represents only a fraction of the original cost.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Piece With Appealing Leather

Leather is a material that has earned a high value in the world of decor, upholstery, clothing design, and, of course, furniture design. Being a material of natural origin, over the years it became a highly sought-after resource by different types of industries that have been given many different uses to it.

Some accessories and clothes are exclusively made of leather: jackets, pants, belts, gloves, etc. The interior design and decor started taking this material into account as new styles were born and became popular. Some furniture pieces, such as the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa, are famous for their elegant tan leather upholstery.

The most extravagant decorations take leather as a protagonist resource within different environments, not only in homes but in any type of common use areas and even work environments, such as workshops, offices, and commercial establishments.

The reason is that this material has many notable advantages: it takes the shape not only of any upholstery but also of floors and wall coverings, it’s highly resistant to water, fire, friction, it’s waterproof and it favors acoustic absorption. 

It’s highly durable, much longer than traditional, better-quality fabrics, and this keeps looking good even after many years of continued use, even if you’re exposed to damaging agents like sun and heat. Furthermore, depending on the shape it’s given, leather is capable of developing flexibility as it ages. It’s so versatile that it’s used to finish entire floors with tiles that, if installed correctly, can last a very long time.

The Arco Lamp: Perfect For The Home or The Office

Some MCM designs have managed to position themselves not only in the market but also among critics and the public as icons of their style. One of the most well-known cases, for example, is the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers, which is considered an icon of Modernism and one of the most functional and elegant pieces ever created. 

This particular floor lamp has many notable advantages: It’s the type of lamp designed to be moved from one place to another with greater ease and with the best use of light; it has an aesthetic function and a very important presence that adds great value to the decor and have a built-in stand that allows it to stay up at a convenient height.

Some floor lamps are specially designed to serve as a source of lighting for the user when reading. A lamp made for this purpose concentrates all its power on the book that the user holds. Some other MCM designs include support for two or three bulbs, regulation of light intensity, and others offer technical possibilities that allow the intensity of the light to be redirected to practically any corner where it’s needed.

Also, the light from an Arco lamp replica like the one featured by Manhattan Home Design can be quite useful in an aesthetic sense, made to reinforce the warmth of the environment and make it more interesting and welcoming. This Arco lamp reproduction achieves the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality that will be perfect to enhance the style of many places in the home or office.

The Christmas Decor That Your Modern Sofa Deserves

With the arrival of Christmas, there’s also a wave of very pleasant and magical emotions that’s worth learning to express through the most important elements that make up your spaces. In this sense, your modern sofa has supreme importance. Not only because it deserves to be dressed with the most charming and appropriate Christmas cushions that you can find, among other ornamental resources, but also because it’s a very relevant piece, which in no case should go unnoticed.

On the contrary: it should look fully integrated into the compartment in colors, shapes, and styles. Almost always, the characteristics of your midcentury sofa will be, by themselves, your main sources of orientation to make it dazzle and show its best festive side.

If you have a modern sectional that always turns heads with its proportions and is incredibly comfortable, nothing is more thematic than choosing a blanket with those Christmas colors that you picked for the central color palette of the place (red, green, white, blue).

Additionally, you can surround it with decorative pieces of vinyl on the walls to give it a touch of unique originality. Leather sofas are almost always very versatile, sober, and elegant, so you can creatively combine them with colors, textures, and materials of all kinds.

The best sofas will look good even if you don’t decorate them. Remember that a couple of charming cushions with the faces of Rudolph, Santa Claus, the inevitable snowmen, or some abstract motif allusive to the holidays are usually the safe bet to make them a vital part of the party.

The Tulip Table: a Masterpiece Made For You

Never be afraid to make your Tulip table become the focal point of your living room or any other space in the house in which you have decided to place it. After all, these magnificent designs usually have very great utility. A prominent role in the overall visual effect of any area, especially in modern decors.

The coffee table is usually the perfect landing for drinks, the official resting place for the TV remote control, and even the small stage for those adorable photos of moments that you want to always keep in mind. You can put decorative pieces on it that reminds you of someone special, or that you brought from a very significant trip to you.

Harmony is very important, especially chromatic harmony. If you’re a lover of very dark shades and you want your central table to display a tone following the rest of the environment (especially the predominant hue of your color scheme), a black tulip table can be the ideal element and become quite an outstanding piece of furniture.

Remember that with an affordable piece like the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, you can apply the convenient rule of three that professional interior designers suggest: achieve the perfect balance between design, size, and shape.

It’s always worth finding the perfect way to adapt the coffee table to the concept of decor and what we want to mean through it. After all, the modern catalog is full of different proposals, but only those that have managed to succeed through history can give your home that iconic and incomparable touch of a masterpiece.

What Makes The Napa Sofa So Interesting and Appealing?

The Napa sofa is one of those pieces of furniture that, in a very natural way, steals the glances and attention of more than one passerby. This is no surprise: the sofa is not only remarkable for its comfy cushions, its ample dimensions, and its highly durable and soft-touch tanned leather surface. It also stands out for its design inspired by the style of furniture pieces from the 70s, with that fabulous aesthetic of a modern style that had come to stay and was still in full swing.

What exactly are consumers looking for in a midcentury sofa? Undoubtedly, what any furniture buyer expects from any design: something that can meet their needs in both an aesthetic and functional sense. A sofa where you can sit with your family and friends to enjoy memorable and pleasant moments, a piece of furniture that becomes the protagonist of family moments, photos that are remembered for generations and that, at the same time, represent a long-term investment: that it continues to look good and doesn’t deteriorate over the years.

A modern sofa like this is special because it not only vividly reflects the spirit of Mid-Century Modern style but also because it can add that sophisticated touch that will transform any space and enhance it in every way.

Your Modern Sofa Is Another Member Of Your Family

When you develop a modern layout in which furniture pieces have a very special role in both an aesthetic and functional sense, it’s natural that your modern sofa becomes the center of your decor or, in other words, the focal point of the place. That is to say, the element in which the eyes will settle in the first instance, before any other point of the compartment.

It’s not difficult to imagine that a midcentury sofa is so striking that the concept of all the decor revolves around it. Whether it’s a modern sectional upholstered with a fine fabric of some prominent color, with ultra-soft and comfortable cushions or, instead, one of the many different designs of leather sofas available on the market, these pieces always stand out from the rest for being often much more than the average shopper expects.

The best sofas are capable of withstanding very intensive uses over the years and, even, if they’ve been made with first-class materials, they can last from generation to generation and remain intact, with all their aesthetic and functional properties well preserved. Also, although it’s something that perhaps not many people think about, good sofas are usually the main stars of family photographs because they are present in many memorable moments. New styles are always worth experimenting with when you have masterpieces that can radically transform the look of a sophisticated layout.