The Eames Lounge Chair Is an Element You Cannot Ignore

Learning to listen to recommendations and always get the best out of them is an art. Not all the advice you hear is going to be useful for you and what you want to achieve, but you never know where the next great idea might come from.

This is something that needs to be taken into account especially by people who feel that they’re about to achieve the result they want but are not satisfied with what they have achieved in their layout and think that a key factor is missing. That key factor is often an iconic piece like the Eames Lounge Chair.

An Eames Lounge Chair is hard to ignore for several reasons. On the one hand, it’s one of the most iconic chairs in the history of furniture design and the Mid-Century Modern style, but on the other hand, even if it wasn’t so famous and recognizable, it still stands out in the environment thanks to its attributes, dimensions, and ergonomic properties.

An Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can do the same. In an aesthetic sense, the finishes of each of its materials are part of what makes it so great, including its premium leather upholstery and plywood veneers.

Additionally, an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction can be suitable for many occasions. It’s a chair designed to work both indoors and outdoors, and that’s a priceless kind of versatility. This piece can mean the masterful touch that your living room, bedroom, or even balcony or terrace needs.

The Tulip Table Is The Summit Of The Useful And Beautiful

Have you had the opportunity to review the catalog of modern coffee tables that are available in hundreds of furniture stores? If you have, you may have already noticed that there are practically as many options as you can imagine, and this is something that can make the task easier or more difficult, depending on each case.

That is to say: having so many diverse options at hand is worth being grateful for, but you only have to look at a Tulip table to understand that some models are much better achieved than others.

First of all, the aesthetic characteristics of the Tulip table are, from a certain point of view, far above those of many other more common tables. After all, it’s a model that broke schemes and radically transformed how tables were traditionally conceived: four legs and one table.

Biomorphism was imposed to offer a model inspired by the shape of an open flower. If you have never used this type of table, you won’t understand how good it feels to have your feet free without having to box them in the middle of the four legs.

The design was so successful that even the Tulip table replica is produced today in a wide variety of models with different materials, shapes, and colors. There is, for example, the black Tulip table, the Tulip table with a wooden top, the high Tulip table (accent table), the lowest model that’s used as a coffee table, and the different sizes of all of them: 40 “, 60 ”, 78”, and many more. Besides, Tulip tables are available with different types of surfaces: square, oval, rectangular, round, etc. The Tulip table is the design you must discover.

The Napa Sofa: The Item Everyone at Home Will Love

The living room is usually one of the favorite places in the house for many people. Not only for the inhabitants of a place but also for the people who usually visit it repeatedly. One of the elements that makes it so special is undoubtedly the sofa and, if it’s a model as convenient as the Napa sofa, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to be in this house’s area.

A tanned leather sofa is very supportive in an aesthetic and functional sense. Having a tan leather couch was a common fad in the 1970s, and in recent years many people have learned to love this trend and re-launch its appearance in all types of homes and apartments.

It’s very worth having a midcentury sofa in which you can offer your loved ones and visitors all the comfort and style they deserve. Your modern sofa speaks for you and is a reflection of your personality and your tastes. Also, taking into account the endless variety and diversity of models available on the market, knowing how to choose the right one denotes great wisdom.

The ideal focal point you’ve been needing for your living room and the luxurious ergonomics with which you can transform ordinary moments into unforgettable moments can be in a modern leather upholstery sofa like this one. If that’s what you’ve been looking for, you can always give it a go and discover this gem of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Product of Talent and Knowledge

The Flag Halyard Chair is one of the most important and well-known designs of the famous Hans Wegner. It’s an attractive element for its unusual, original, and wonderful shape. As is often the case with many Mid-Century Modern style designs that became iconic pieces, the Flag Halyard Chair has an interesting history, like other works by this renowned Danish creator.

According to the records, this design was conceived in the late 1940s. It’s believed that the designer had the idea while on the beach one day and took the opportunity to model the seat in the shape of a grid in a sand dune, for which he probably used an old rope.

The first time the Has Wegner Flag Halyard Chair went into production was during the 1950s, cleverly combining various materials such as chrome steel, sheepskin, rope, and linen, in an unprecedented composition that remains to this day.

It’s still unique in its style and the world of furniture design in general. These are highly contrasting materials that, together, are a demonstration of the wonders that human ingenuity and creative talent can achieve.

Some stores specialized in Mid-Century Modern pieces, such as Manhattan Home Design, offer faithful and impressive replicas of this chair at a price three or four times less than the original piece. Add a Flag Halyard Chair replica to your space and surprise your friends and family!

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Special Member of Your Layout

In the 1970s, there was a sofa model that everyone wanted to have, which represented the latest trend in fashion, and the most direct symbol of modernism: the sofa with tan leather upholstery. Although many models with that type of finish appeared, the truth is that the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is especially memorable for its spacious dimensions, its delightful comfy cushions, and its minimalist design, characteristic of Mid-Century Modern style.

The truth is that its caramel hue is not something that can be found in all modern models, but this type of upholstery is still widely accepted and is very popular among lovers of modern décors. This is the reason why it continues to be one of the best-selling pieces in specialized modern furniture stores, such as Manhattan Home Design, and it has remained in that spot for several years.

It’s not only an appropriate model for many home décors but also office areas. Its soft and waterproof texture, flexibility, and tan nuances made it a favorite of many users. It’s often the most obvious answer for those who don’t know exactly what type of midcentury sofa to choose, especially when reviewing the inexhaustible variety of colors, models, materials, styles, and sizes available on the market. This modern sofa is destined to reign for many more years, and you too can make it part of your floor plan.

The Eames Lounge Chair: Top Level Ergonomics

Superior quality furniture pieces almost always stand the test of time for many valid and diverse reasons. One of those most important reasons is almost always that they strike the perfect balance between function and style.

However, some particularly famous ones, such as the Eames Lounge Chair, were a few steps ahead of their time because, in addition to the aforementioned balance, they also offered a degree of ergonomics far superior to that of most similar chairs of the time.

After all, we are talking about 1956. It was the decade after the most devastating war humanity has ever faced. People needed to trust that the modern world could offer them many positive things.

Industries were living some kind of renaissance, and people’s lifestyle, in general, was accelerating. Modernism reigned because it was a living reflection of that new contemporary adult who needed efficient, comfortable solutions and that at the same time reflected their sense of taste, founded on simple and appealing elegance.

The great parents of this chair, Charles and Ray Eames took several years to perfect every detail to deliver a result that would be revolutionary. First up, they wanted to divide the structure’s piece into three parts or modules. Those modules were defined by the plywood veneers that would serve as support for the head, back, legs, and also the feet, thanks to the ottoman that was part of the whole design.

Besides, the sophisticated and innovative reclining system balanced on the five-legged star and the memory foam filling that gives consistency to each of these modules made the chair a highly coveted object.

Currently, some pieces such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design emulate with high fidelity the essential characteristics of the Eameses’ design, and it’s a reproduction whose price represents only a fraction of the value of the authentic product.

The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Choice For High-Ceiling Rooms

Have you ever wondered why floor lamps that can provide good and direct overhead light are so highly valued? The answer is very simple: this feature is directly related to task-based lighting; that is, lighting designed for those environments destined to become work areas of some kind.

The Arco lamp is especially known for its amazing ability to provide overhead lighting, something that’s extremely useful in a floor lamp. Not every type of overhead lighting is necessarily helpful for task-based lighting, considering that many ceiling lights provide indirect lighting. Task-based lighting is almost always powerful, focused, and direct.

Rooms with very high ceilings are often difficult to illuminate adequately, especially if they are compartments you want to use to carry out some activity or work that requires a good source of overhead light. Some products like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design also have this very useful feature, because they have been made according to the specific characteristics of the original design.

Furthermore, an Arco lamp reproduction also has one of the most attractive technical advantages of the original Castiglioni brothers’ design: a Carrara marble base that gives it stability, firmness, and allows the user to move freely around the reflector head suspended in the air without the fear of tripping, keeping the base at a distance of up to two meters from it.

Few designs are as suitable for living rooms with high ceilings as the Arco lamp, one of the most iconic designs of the Mid-Century Modern style and a very useful fixture that will make your life easier.

Your Modern Sofa Can Be Part Of Your Eclectic Décor

Have you heard of eclectic trends in interior design and décor? If there’s one certain thing about the world of décor it’s that recipes were made to break, and ideas about what’s valid and what is not are always be prone to be replaced by new, bold trends capable of generating new proposals and styles. In that sense, a modern sofa could be a perfect match for your environment.

The beauty of a space is not always based on symmetry and order. Frequently, originality generates more points in favor of a layout’s final result. The strict order or the guidelines to follow to adapt to a style aren’t always the most convenient since, in fact, the possibilities of innovating tend to infinity. There’s no need to be afraid of experimentation with a new midcentury sofa when it comes to layout renovations.

Some styles are more popular than others and even more flexible, with greater adaptability to different environments. The mission of finding original conceptual ideas will never lose validity or importance. Eclectic trends always seek to combine elements of different styles accurately to generate highly contrasting original layouts.

The best sofas deserve to be surrounded by the most outstanding environments. Counter traditional geometric shapes and common lines (rectangles, squares, typical horizontal and vertical straight lines) with other more daring ideas, such as mirrors with irregular shapes, sharp angles and asymmetrical objects, furniture with a biomorphic tendency, combining natural elements like exotic plants, wood, stones, and minerals with other more recognizable ones like metals and fine textiles it’s a good way to generate a fascinating and innovative visual impact.

The Tulip Table: an Original and Immortal Modern Collection

It’s surprising how many modern designs have prevailed through time, remaining authentic icons of the Mid-Century Modern style, perpetuating and honoring the memory of their creators. A clear example of this is the Tulip table

This piece is not just a model but a collection of pieces that are known by that name thanks to Eero Saarinen’s main idea: a single column biomorphic structure that replaces the usual four legs that previously made up the usual prototype of a central table. Saarinen’s proposal, inspired by the tulip (which gives the collection its name), turned out to be revolutionary and innovative, recognized for its originality and elegance.

Additionally, the Tulip tables make up a collection that includes pieces of different sizes, heights, shapes, and materials. There’s even the black Tulip table, suitable for certain settings.

Some online stores specialized in products of this trend, such as Manhattan Home Design, sell the Tulip table replica in its different versions: Tulip 60 “Rectangle Dining Table, Tulip 47” Round Walnut Dining Table, Tulip 40 “Round Marble Dining Table, Tulip 47 “Square Wood Top Dining Table, Tulip 60” Rectangle Dining Table, and many more.

The Tulip table family is a prime example of minimalism and the power of elegance based on simplicity. It’s the product of a creative mind that knew how to see beyond the schemes and preconceptions to create a design that, more than fifty years later, continues to work very well in the vast majority of decorating styles of homes and offices.

The Arco Lamp: a Floor Lamp That Broke Outlines

The thousands of people who made the Arco lamp their favorite floor lamp allowed it to shine as that spectacular design that the Castiglioni brothers devised. It became part of a group of modern pieces that continued to have immense popularity.

It’s possible that, when it comes to Mid-Century Modern style, no other floor lamp is as well-known as the Arco lamp. Its image appears as a reference in virtually any literature that offers a simple explanation of this trend.

Besides, the most faithful copies, such as the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design, have become one of the most sought after, best-selling, and most acclaimed products.

One of the best achieved technical attributes of this design, which earned it universal acclaim, was its ability to provide overhead light even as a floor lamp.

Most floor lamps are made to provide ambient light, a type of general lighting within a compartment that serves as the basis for other types of lighting, such as task-based lighting and accent lighting.

An Arco lamp replica, on the other hand, can provide task-based lighting in a highly practical way since its reflector head can redirect the light beam to the point where it’s most needed.

The Arco lamp became such a popular product that, according to recent reports, there’s one in at least 10% of Italian homes. After becoming an icon of mid-century modernism, its fame, not surprisingly, reached a global level.