Chic Dining Spaces Boasting the Sleek Tulip Table

Source: Curated Interior

The Tulip Table  is the center of your dining room. It sets the stage for memories to be made around it, everywhere from celebratory toasts to evenings full of laughter to dinner parties to casual weeknight dinners as a family. 

Whether it steals the show and speaks to your bold, modern aesthetic or comfortably fades into the background while your guests enjoy their time, deciding upon your dining room style should be fun. 

Follow along with us and get inspired for your own space… Check out these 4 chic dining rooms boasting the stylish Tulip Table!

1. Airy and Light

Source: Knock Off Decor

This white on white dining space is the epitome of classic sophistication. A delicately textured ceiling lamp in a natural hue brings in just a touch of texture without taking away from the simplicity of the space. 

The tone on tone look lets the structural detailing of the kitchen and spindle back chairs to shine. Doesn’t the sculptural Tulip Table make the space seem even bigger than it actually is? Lovely!

2. Warm and Inviting


Doesn’t it seem this warm and dining space was designed around this beautiful vintage chandelier? Stunning.  It brings something unique to the space.

Besides, this vintage lighting pairs perfectly with the modern furniture pieces like the Cesca Chairs and Tulip Table, whereas contemporary lighting may feel stark at times. Keep this in mind when looking for a way to make a modern room feel more soulful and cozy. 

3. Industrial Style Nook

Source: Decorpad

Isn’t this the perfect little industrial style breakfast nook? A built-in bench stained in warm walnut sits opposite five metal Tolix Chairs, the quintessential industrial chair, placed at an oval Saarinen table. Lovely!

Of course, in this relaxed space featuring lots of metal details, the true eye catcher is the sculpturally sleek Tulip Table.

Source: Roomhints

We hope this truly inspires you. Ready to create your own chic dining space? Whether you start from scratch or bring in fresh pieces, a Tulip Table replica will fit  your setting perfectly. When it comes to dining furniture, consider Manhattan Home Design. 

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing MCM replicas for a decade. 

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