Chic Scandinavian Dining Settings Boasting the Tulip Table

Thinking about revamping your Scandinavian inspired dining setting with that Saarinen Tulip Table you covet? This post will surely inspire you!

Everywhere from functional and practical furniture like the Tulip Table to minimalist decor a Nordic style dining room is a clever option for many.

Even if dining spaces are often overlooked, they’re pretty essential. You need to think about purchasing a Tulip Table, comfy dining chairs to create a functional environment for meals and entertaining.

Source: Residence Style

Scandi style has become extremely popular internationally for its mix of simple design and beautiful form. And, Nordic dining rooms feature a sculptural Tulip Table in neutral colors like white, black or light wood top, paired with clean lined or curvy dining chairs, 

For the dining chairs, you may find Wegner Wishbone Chairs, Eames Molded Plastic Chairs, Jacobsen Series 7 Chairs, Bertoia Wire Chairs, Thonet Bentwood Chairs or even benches present. 

To the side, you may see a simple minimalist credenza or buffet. Ready to take a look at these chic Sandinavian dining settings? You’ll be amazed!

1. Tulip Table, Wishbone Chairs, Turkish Rug

Source: Home Designing

2. Tulip Table, Eames Chairs, Woven Rug, Copper Cone

Source: Home Designing

3. Tulip Table, Molded Plywood Chairs, White Built-In Cabinets

Source: Curated Interior

4. Tulip Table, Mix of Chairs, White Ceiling Light

Source: Curated Interior

5. Tulip Table, Eames  Chairs, Glass Walls, Lux Ceiling Light

Source: Curated Interior

6. Tulip Table, Thonet Bentwood Chairs, Series 7 Chairs

Source: Residence Style

We hope this info inspires you. Aren’t Scandinavian inspired spaces beautiful? Which of these chic Nordic dining settings boasting a Tulip Table is your fave? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments section.

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