Classic Design Masterpieces – Saarinen Womb Chair Vs. Jacobsen Egg Chair

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Today we’ll be discussing two classic design masterpieces – the Saarinen Womb Chair vs. the Jacobsen Egg Chair.  This head-to-head battle of ourselves features Scandinavian design icons.

Believe or not, both of these famous lounge chairs were designed by prolific figures who were architects and designers. Amazing, isn’t it? The Womb Chair was designed in 1948 and a decade later the Egg Chair was designed. 

So, which of these classics is best? The Womb Chair or the Egg Chair? We’ll be weighting in to help you decide…You’ll be intrigued!

Womb Chair 

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The Womb Chair was designed by Finnish born architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen in 1948 for Florence Knoll, who asked for “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows.” And, the Womb Chair was born!. 

It’s gone down as one of the icons of organic modernism. This simply, yet futuristic design is coveted by modern designers worldwide.


This Womb Chair was literally created to be the “most comfortable chair ever made.” If you’ve ever sat in one you’ll agree – this enveloping Womb Chair lives up to its name. 


Womb Chair is only available in a limited number of fabrics. So, if you’re searching for a custom fabric or one with a print or pattern on it, this is not the chair for you.

Egg Chair 

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The Egg Chair was designed in 1958 by another architect and designer by the name of Arne Jacobsen. In fact, the iconic Egg Chair was specifically designed to furnish the reception and waiting areas of the Royal Hotel project in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This building, which also became the first skyscraper ever in the city, was also designed by Jaobsen!


The Egg Chair is quite simply one of the most beautifully, sculptural chairs ever made. Its rounded lines just kind of seduce you and call your name. It’s a work of art, don’t you think? 


Hmmm let’s see… An original Egg Chair is at over $8,000. Sadly, this price point is not for the faint of heart!

We hope this inspires you. As you can see, these pieces were so innovative back then, it’s no wonder they became iconic. Yet, we feel the Womb Chair wrapped in wool beats the Egg Chair due to its cozinessl. 

Which is your favorite? Tell us below ! For high-end Womb Chair replicas visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing coveted MCM items for a decade.

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