Classic Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

How can pieces designed way back in the 40s and 60s look so contemporary? I’m highly intrigued by what makes a great piece enter the classics club. What exactly makes a mid century modern design become iconic? Here are three designs that have become classic designer pieces, from Womb Chair to Eames La Chaise to Shell Chair. These mid century modern furniture pieces look as modern now as they ever did before!

Womb Chair and Ottoman

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Iconic Interiors

According to Forbes, Finnish-born designer Eero Saari­nen’s neo-futur­is­tic style got widespread acclaim. His pieces are still icon­ic today like the Tulip Table and enveloping Womb Chair designed in 1946. This lounge chair is the epitome of mid century modern and neo-futurism.  Neo-futurists rethink the relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Mid century modern is about blending organic forms and clean lines, with unadorned visual appeal. 

Eames La Chaise

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Mid-Century Home

The iconic Eames La Chaise was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 for the “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design” MOMA NYC. Eames made significant contributions to Modernism! Made of polished fiberglass, the La Chaise was inspired by Gaston Lachaise’s ‘Floating Figure’ sculpture. It’s asymmetry and shape has made it a classic! 

Shell Chair

Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Source: Carl Hansen

During his lifetime, Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner got a reputation due to quality craftsmanship. The molded plywood Shell Chair was designed and first presented at the Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. Combining functionality with form, this inviting and light furniture piece is perfectly proportioned.  

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