Comfy Reading Chairs for Book Lovers

Literature lover? Is there anything better than curling up in a comfy reading chair with a good read? Nothing! Whether you like Romance or English Lit, a spot in your favorite reading nook with a relaxing read is trilling. Book lovers know that spending time alone – with their favorite read – is a great medicine!

Reading chairs are designed to enable total comfort when reading. People look for comfort when selecting reading chairs. According to the Washington Post, comfortable furniture makes people stay in the room, giving them plenty of time to finish the book. The reading chair must be made of top quality materials to offer comfy rest and neck support.  It should have cushions, a soft upholstery to help you feel cozy when enjoying your favorite book. 

Find a modern comfy chair for your reading nook or library with our couple of mid century modern reading chairs….

1. Womb Chair 

Source: Architecture Art Designs

The sculptural Womb Chair was specifically designed by mid century mastermind Finnish born Eero Saarinen in 1946 to mimic the smooth curves of a woman’s womb. What could be more comfy than that? Not only is this enveloping lounge chair upholstered in soft wool comfy, it’s also elegant. In fact, according to Elle Decor, with its rounded design, armrests and movable cushions, the chair is designed to perfectly envelop its users.

2. Papa Bear Chair

Source: Helio City

Doesn’t this Papa Bear Chair look as if it’s trying to give you a hug? This lounge chair combines the sophistication of modernism with the comfort of traditional design. Even if he was known worldwide for his minimalist furniture such as the Wishbone Chair and the 3-legged Shell Chair, another masterpiece, Danish designer Hans Wegner was also inspired by traditional design. His groundbreaking Papa Bear Chair is a great example of it!

We hope this info inspires you when furnishing your nook. Which reading chair is your favorite, book lovers? Tell us! For the comfy lounge chairs above, visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted items.

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