Compelling Reasons Why You Buy the Magnificent Tulip Table

The Tulip Table is the result of ingenious innovation and out-of-the-box thinking of Eero Saarinen, Finnish born architect who was ahead of his time. And, being his most important project ever, the Tulip Table boasts the fusion of structural elements into a single organic shape.

Being present since the mid century, the Tulip Table has never been outdated. There’s no surprise why! With its minimalistic, stylish punch and graceful curves, it can blend perfectly with contemporary furniture in modern interiors.

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

So what exactly makes it truly special?  With its curved shape and fluid form, it stirred up the way people thought of table designs. Here are 3 more reasons to buy the magnificent Tulip Table:

1. It Packs a Punch 

Bringing a bit of shine may do wonders for your room design style. Although the structure of a Tulip Table is minimalistic, this statement worthy piece is the true centerpiece of the dining room.  It packs a punch!

2. Perfect for both Residential & Office Environments

The iconic Tulip Table is now being used in residential and office settings worldwide, from business office to conference room to VIP lounge to waiting area to kitchen to dining space to living area to bedroom.

3. Timeless Design with Lasting Appeal

You can consider the Tulip Table as a timeless classic. Ever since its release by mid century modern mastermind Saarinen seven decades ago, it keeps standing the test of time. It has a long lasting appeal!

tulip table

Source: Curated Interior

We hope this inspires you. As you can see, Saarinen’s Tulip Table is sure to stand out and turn heads. On trend, practical to use, stylish. Looking for a new addition to your home or office like the timeless Tulip Table? This magnificent piece will surely level up your home or office! 

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