Cute Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs

A lounge chair isn’t simply a comfy furniture piece where you can curl up with a tablet or a great book for some relaxation. In fact, it’s a design element that can bring some style to your space. Mid century modern lounge chairs come in all kinds of peculiar designs and shapes. 

They can fit into any interior as they’re available in a great color scheme. Yet, it all began with the iconic shapes you’d recognize everywhere. Today, we’ll be showcasing a few cuties from the mid century modern era..

1. Womb Chair

eero saarinen

Source: Decorpad

The first enveloping chair ever, the groundbreaking Womb Chair was conceived in 1946 by mid century design mastermind Eero Saarinen, who’s also behind the Tulip Table. Florence Knoll asked him to come up with a chair  “like a basket full of pillows”.

The result is the icon we know today – ergonomic womb-like shape! It invites you to sink right in and curl up, and with comfort comes contemporary style with a rounded silhouette that looks like it’s, indeed, shaped like a womb. What could me more comfy than this wool wrapped cutie?

2. Egg Chair

egg chair

Source: Trendir

Another enveloping cutie we’ll be discussing is the 1958 design by Arne Jacobsen. This cute cocoon with upholstery on an aluminum base with enveloping armrests is loved by many. 

Inspired by nature’s most perfect form, the Egg Chair by Danish architect and designer Jacobsen is esteemed for its unrivaled ease and classic shape.

3. Flag Halyard Chair

Hans Wegner

Source: Dwell

What could be more comfy and cute than Hans Wegner’s Flag Halyard Chair? Made of sleek stainless steel, flag line and a soft sheepskin, it’s the ultimate relaxing luxury. It’s no surprise this beauty is the piece of choice for chic girls internationally, and it was featured in a “Hottest New Chair Designs of 2018”. 

It put Wegner on the map!  Wegner is behind the avant-garde Shell Chair, another Danish icon.

Which of these cute mid century modern lounge chairs is your fave? Tell us! For the pieces above, visit Manhattan Home Design. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design produces coveted items.

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