Definitive Guide to Jacobsen’s Iconic Designs – From Egg Chair to Swan Chair

Definitive Guide to Jacobsen’s Iconic Designs – From Egg Chair to Swan Chair PBN

Source: Decoist

Jacobsen wanted to be a painter, yet luckily for Danish Modern fans, his father talked him into architecture instead. Like other architects back then, he ended up creating bespoke fixtures and furnishings for his projects, many of which are still coveted and some that are often replicated. 

Thanks to him, the world gained such iconic pieces as the Egg Chair. Today, we’re celebrating the Danish architect with a look back at his lasting contributions to product design.

1. Egg Chair – 1958

Source: Decoist

The much loved Egg Chair furnished the reception areas and lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. While creating this masterpiece, Jaobsen had the chance of integrating design on a smaller scale with architecture for a more cohesive look. This sculptural beauty later became a Danish MCM icon.

2. Drop Chair – 1858

Source: Pinterest

Did you know the Drop Chair was produced in a limited quantity exclusively for the 1958 SAS Royal Hotel commission for Jacobsen? Along with the Egg Chair Arne Jacobsen and Swan Chair, it furnished both the reception area and lobby of the hotel.

3. Ant Chair – 1952

Source: Home Designing

Originally, the architect designed the three-legged Ant Chair for the cafeteria at Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company, to offer the client something affordable, lightweight and stackable. Its form, reminiscent of an ant, comprises bent plywood and tubular steel legs. 

4. Series 7 Chair – 1955

Source: Pinterest

Jacobsen’s Series 7 Chair, was his top selling design ever. And, in addition to the Egg Chair, it gets copied over and over again. The Series 7 Chair, unlike its predecessor the Ant Chair, was designed with four legs from the get-go and was more curvy. 

5. Swan Chair – 1958

Source: Decoist

Also gracing the SAS Royal Hotel in 1958 along with the Egg Chair, the Swan Chair was another Jacobsen design that has found favor with the design community. Back then, it was offered in a swivel model but also a wood-leg version. Now its available only as a swivel. 

We hope this truly inspires you. So, there you go! In our opinion, these were the best designs by mastermind Jacobsen. Which is your favorite? Ours is the Egg Chair. This enveloping beauty has never been out of style! 

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