Dining Chairs to Pair with the Iconic Tulip Table

Finnish-American designer and architect Eero Saarinen came up with the Tulip Table. Its form and shape suggest organic and space age forms. It may blend effortlessly into a myriad of interiors, everywhere from modern to cozy to futuristic to industrial to traditional to eclectic to vintage. 

It all depends on the dining chair you pair with it! Of course, you should consider chairs as iconic as the Tulip Table. Here are a few: 

1. Panton’s S Shape Chair

tulip table

Source: Assonhom

Designed back in the 1960 by Verner Panton, the iconic Panton S Shape Chair was the first one ever to be made with just one single piece of material. This organic chair pushes materials to the limit! 

Characterized by beautiful curves, its impressively sculptural shape is similar to the Tulip Table. These two modern classic furniture pieces create a striking, cohesive look. 

2. Pauchard’s Tolix Chair

tulip table

Source: Decorpad

Designed by Xavier Pauchard 80 years ago, the Tolix Chair lets you inject the funky bistro look into your home. It’s a French cafe icon! Upgrade your home with a chair that beautifully exhibits the charm of the classic bistro. 

These mid century modern dining chairs breathe exceptionalism! Its idiosyncratic style lets it be paired with the Tulip Table as it enhances its new-age physique. 

3. Saarinen’s Tulip Chair

tulip table

Source: Decorpad

Known for hating the sight of many chair legs in a dining room, Saarinen streamlined the much-needed legs with the 1957 Tulip Chair design. 

He masterfully traded four legs for one pedestal, supporting a seat similar to its namesake flower. Especially designed to pair with the Tulip Table, this sleek, sculptural chair will elevate any meal.

tulip table

Source: Curated Interior

We hope this info inspires you. Did you love these Tulip Table – MCM dining chair pairings as we do? Which is your favorite one? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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