Egg Chair – Story of Arne Jacobsen’s Innovative Design

egg chair

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Brimming with class, the Egg Chair is enveloping, stunning, while offering exceptional comfort. As a result, it has achieved the status of a timeless design classic. This, in turn, has granted the furniture piece its longevity. 

And, it means every new generation may discover the craftsmanship of this iconic design. Arne Jacobsen, the designer, imbued his Egg Chair with an expression of empowerment. Today the piece of furniture is incredibly famous. 

This is thanks to its groundbreaking design that dates from 1958! Because Jacobsen is a celebrated figure in the worlds of design and architecture, he has made a considerable contribution to the industry of modern design. 

The History

the designer

Source: Decoist

Jacobsen designed the leather Egg Chair for the lobby and reception areas of Copenhagen’s Royal Hotel. When he won the commission to design every aspect it included the facade, the lighting, furnishings and even the cutlery.

The airline SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) owned the building. Constructed back in 1960, it was a grand opportunity for Jacobsen which allowed him to apply his integrated architecture and design theories.

Of course, the Egg Chair leather was one of the triumphs of this total project by Jacobsen. It was in sculptural contrast to the rest of the building’s horizontal and vertical lines. And, he was the first designer ever to use a foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. 

The Designer

egg chair

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A revolutionary architect and designer,  at a very early age Jacobsen showed he was ahead of his time. It’s no wonder that for five decades of the 20th century, he shaped the Danish design landscape. It’s no shock to discover his influences came from Nordic nations. 

Though he touched creators globally, his inspiration came from the great organic modernists like Saarinen whose Womb Chair inspired the Egg Chair. He became prolific, directing many projects, including Denmark’s National Bank. These showed his strict attention to detail!

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