Everything There’s to Like of Saarinen’s Sculptural Womb Chair

The iconic Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen is a unique piece of modern sculpture for you to sit on. Sadly, it’s not often you get to bring great art into your home.Yet, the Womb Chair is one such piece. 

Using the tenets of his wire-sculpture vision for furniture, and outfitting it with comfortable, lush wool that’s easy to sink into, this masterpiece isn’t simply great modern art – it’s a great lounge chair!

womb chair

Source: Decoist

What’s to Like

Everything! The Womb Chair imagery is about comfort. Its  sunken part seems to envelop you, while keeping you comfy. The wire framing of the chair keeps the pads and backing slimmer than normal, giving the chair an unbound shape. 

While it’s certainly very modern, it actually fits in an array of interior styles as it comes in a range of colors, from subdued to bold. Designed by renowned sculptor and designer, the Womb Chair is perfect for every home. 

womb chair

Source: Decoist

What’s Not to Like

Obviously, with a furniture piece as iconic as the Womb Chair the only setback is the price. To get great art, you do have to pay the price…. And, it’s so worth it! 

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the furniture replica market this luxury lounge chair, one of the best ever made, is now available for you. The Womb Chair, designed in 1946 by one of the top furniture designers to ever ply his craft. It has taste, genius and comfort.  

Source: Dwell

The Womb Chair is a one-of-a-kind piece designed with beauty, attention to detail and formal excellence. The contour and shape of the Womb Chair was groundbreaking, as was it’s attention to comfort.

Having been sold for over half a century, the Womb Chair is, no doubt, a rightly celebrated furniture design. That’s the bottom line.

womb chair

Source: Pinterest

We hope this info truly inspires you. As you can see, there’s so much to like of Saarinen’s sculptural masterpiece. Ready to get one of these icons for your very own home? 

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