Everything You Need to Know about Scandinavian Design

DYK Scandinavian design is the most popular design style across 11 states according to Forbes? Wow! Scandinavian design captured the eyes and hearts of decor lovers around the world. Nordic nations have always had an regard for aesthetics and strong style sense, but it was in the 50s when many Scandinavian designers made a name for themselves internationally.


Scandinavian design, a.k.a. Nordic design, is a movement starting in the 20th century, flourishing in the 50s in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Nordic design is characterized by minimalism, functionality and simplicity. Ready to brush up on Nordic style?

Loved Scandinavian Designers

Organic textures, simple silhouettes and clean lines made waves in the mid century design industry. Scandinavian designs are the most coveted furniture designs throughout the globe. Learn about the most loved Danish and Finnish designers below.

Danish Finn Juhl 1912–1989

Finn Juhl sideboard

Source: House of Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl brought Danish design to the US, making his debut in 1951 in MoMA in NYC. Being his best known work, the beautifully simple, straight lined Finn Juhl Sideboard designed in 1955 brings together steel, wood and Geotehe’s color wheel. The iconic shape of his pieces earned him many awards

Danish Hans Wegner 1914–2007

shell chair

Source: Homedit

Hans Wegner is the 20th-century master of Danish modernism. Even if he created a myriad of icons, he was best known for his chairs, designing over 500, many of which are still in production. But, Wegner’s best known work ever is the three-legged Shell Chair with an avant-garde design.

Finnish/American Eero  Saarinen 1910–1961

womb chair

Source: DecorPad

Finnish-born modernist Saarinen reinvented industrial and domestic design. Loved for his architectural works, he played a pivotal role in mid century furniture design. His pieces like the 1948 Womb Chair and organic Tulip Table designed in 1956 became icons. 

We hope this info helps you brush up in Scandinavian design. Which of these designers did you like best? Tell us! For even more MCM pieces, visit Manhattan Home Design which was founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News