Four Secrets to Get a Good Decoration

When you are designing your space, you should focus on the key points that will make your house a pleasant environment and with everything you need for your daily performance, especially if you work from home and need to create the most productive and efficient atmosphere, which helps you give the best of yourself. These four secrets will help you get good decoration to configure your space in the best way for you and your family:

1.- Make the most of all the spaces. A compartment can give much more than meets the eye. It all depends on the way you use it and the advantages it can offer you. How many of us haven’t used the living room as a reading room with the Eames Lounge Chair, as a family game room, and even makeshift bedroom for those visitors who decided to spend the night at home?

2.- Light where it’s most needed! Having a good source of light available such as an Arco lamp or other type of floor lamp that allows you to improve the light distribution will help you feel more comfortable in your own living room.

3.- Each thing in its place. Your furniture is your best allies and should be intended to make your life easier. If you have an empty space in front of your sofa, a coffee table like the Noguchi Table will be very useful for placing drinks, snacks, the phone, the remote control, etc.

4.- The best atmosphere to work. If you installed your Eames Office Chair to start working from home, also ensure that the environment is calm, quiet and relaxed. Light vanilla candles and play soothing music, if that helps, and try to place your desk near a window.

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