How the Stylish Womb Chair can Level-Up Your Home

Did you know Modernist architect/designer Eero Saarinen was the mastermind behind the iconic pieces like the organic Tulip Table and the enveloping Womb Chair? The latter was designed in the 40s thanks to his friend Florence Knoll’s request. In fact, she asked him to devise a chair “like a great big basket of pillows that I can curl up in,” according to Decoist. He came up with the womb shaped chair

Womb Chair

Source: Decoist

It is not just trendy, but also elegant. The stunning looks of this chair blends perfectly with any interior decor. Here are few ways the stylish Womb Chair reproduction can level up your home:

  • Statement Worthy – This remarkable designer piece will make a statement to guests who walk into your house, apartment or loft, while dramatically elevating the space. 
  • Comfy – The idea behind it is to boost comfort. What’s more relaxing than sitting on a fluffy wool lounge chair? Guests will surely pamper themselves for a while! 

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