How the Tulip Table Can be Incorporated in 3 Interior Design Styles

The Tulip Table  is one of those iconic mid century modern furniture pieces spawning an entire line of replicas. Designed by Finnish born Eero Saarinen in 1956, it has now become an influential piece with a diverse aesthetic to complement an wide array of interior design styles. 

Source: Curated Interior

Its one-piece, sleek modern shape was specially designed to emulate an unconventional, unique look that defied typical table designs back then. Even now, the Tulip Table – in its different modifications – lives up to its timeless appeal! 

Let’s take a look at how the trendy Tulip Table can be incorporated in 3 interior design styles…

1. Mid Century Modern

Source: Home Designing

Of course, being born in that era, The Tulip Table’s sleek curves are perfect in a MCM interior. Its effortless shape complements the plain, yet bold designing of mid century modern. Here it was beautifully paired with classic Wishbone Chairs combining a wood frame and woven seat.

2. Scandinavian

Source: Residence Style

Scandi style is known for its unique styling and cozy comfort. Emphasizing openness and natural textures, the Tulip Table looks absolutely stunning in it. It’ll be effortlessly enmeshed in the aesthetic! 

Here it was paired with a trendy mix of chairs, including Jabobsen’s Series 7 Chairs and Thonet’s Bentwood Chairs. 

3. Industrial

tulip table

Source: Residence Style

The industrial design style is an amalgam of distressed, shabby-chic and rustic. The Tulip Table emulates the style! You can pair it up with some molded plastic Eames Chairs in white with metal Eiffel Tower base. Doesn’t the shabby chic rug seamlessly complement the fur throw?

We hope this info inspires you. As you can see, this masterpiece by Saarinen boasts a versatile aesthetics, giving it the power of perfectly blending within an array of interior design styles. 

Visit  Manhattan Home Design for Tulip Table replicas. Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for a decade. 

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