How to Create a Cozy Space With these Scandinavian Design Tips

Balancing chic and comfort when designing a space is an art. Nordic region, a.k.a. Scandinavia is always on point. This style has embodied a sense of functionality and minimalism since its inception in the 20th century according to Elle Decor. Everyone wants to decorate like a Nordic and adorn homes with their iconic pieces. 

Since Scandinavian style never fails to satisfy, we asked experts for tips on how to achieve coziness with a minimalist aesthetic. Read on to learn how to do so the Nordic way…  

1. Keep Things Simple

tulip table

Source: Residence Style

There are a few things you may bear in mind when it comes to Scandinavian design. A signature design secret is to strip it back and keep your home pared back and simple. Keep decor pieces and furniture minimal, like a sophisticated ceiling light and an organic Tulip Table.

2. Keep Flooring Light

shell chair

Source: The Bower Birds

Light or natural wood floors are a trademark element of Scandinavian design. Wood furniture pieces like the iconic three legged bent plywood Shell Chair are also common. They exude an inviting and warm ambiance, while making the space feel spacious and bright.  

3. Clear Clutter

womb chair

Source: YLighting

Keeping your home clutter-free is a golden rule of Nordic design. Since less is more when it comes to design, it’s vital to let go of unnecessary pieces taking up space, while making optimal use of storage. The result? A relaxing environment… As relaxing as the comfy Womb Chair

4. Combine Metal and Wood

nelson bench

Source: All About Interiors

Scandinavian design is known worldwide for its generous use of wood in furniture and structures. But, the latest Nordic trends incorporate metal like steel, copper, brass aluminum and iron. The airy, yet sturdy Nelson Bench perfectly combines rubberwood and irion.

We hope these brilliant design tips help you infuse Scandinavian style into your space. For pieces featured here, visit Manhattan Home Design which was founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News