How to Pick the Ideal Saarinen Tulip Table for Your Dining Room

Finding the ideal Tulip Table to bring the space together is key, whether your dining setting consists of a formal dining room, eat-in kitchen or transitional space between an open concept kitchen and living room. It’s the focal point of the dining setting!

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So, not only do you need to ensure it’s a comfy fit for the room, you’ll want it to fit your aesthetic, while enhancing the design. With many sizes and shapes to consider, let’s explore these Tulip Table shapes to help you narrow down, including: 

Round Tulip Table

Looking for a versatility? Consider the round tulip dining table! It suits small gatherings, looking great in any shaped room. Plus, these unique round tables have many benefits. Not only do they enable simple conversation between guests, they also seem pretty casual. 

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Round tables often do not suit large groups, unless you have a large one. Since large round tables can make diners feel far away from each other, pick the right size. The good news is that small round tulip dining tables are available!

Oval Tulip Table

Oval tulip dining tables excel at one thing – creating unique interest! Even if they have similarities to rectangular tables in many aspects, their rounded corners gives the illusion of occupying less space. 

Source: MyDomaine

The curves help counter angular lines on the chairs or design elements in the space. Like a round table, oval tables boost flexibility and intimacy. Your best bet? Use one when you need to seat many people in a small room.

Square Tulip Table

A square table is perfect for a square dining room. They simply look right together! Beyond that, this shape Tulip Table works perfectly well if you’re planning to host a small group of four or less people. 

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Besides, you may easily combine two square tables to enable more space. Another benefit of this shape table is the intimacy it offers, placing diners within close, conversational distance of each other.

We hope this info truly inspires you and helps you successfully select the ideal Saarinen table for your dining room. For Tulip Table replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for a decade. 

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