Manhattan Home Design’s 5 best Eames Lounge Chairs

This is the #1 selling chair in all of Manhattan Home Design’s catalog, wo we’ve decided to round up the best looking ones on the spotlight today. This list won’t be covering all of the available colors and finishes for the Eames Lounge chair replica, only the five top selling ones. These lounges chairs (and their ottomans) are Manhattan Home Design’s next generation of elegant living room solutions. For more information, please visit Manhattan Home Design and go on to the ‘Lounge chairs’ section of the menu to see all the available models.


  1. Classic Lounge and Ottoman in Black (starting at $994)


Manhattan Home Design’s replica of Charles and Ray Eames’s iconic and elegant Eames chair, featuring interchangeable cushions and a low seat for an organic recline and lots of space to spread around. You can get it on its striking classic black aniline or Italian leather, as well as leatherette. This chair’s structure is pure walnut wood with a polished original five-point steel base and four-point base on the ottoman. Perfect for offices as well.


  1. Antique Brown Classic Lounge chair ($1,598)


The Antique Brown chair has been a customer favorite for some time now and it is easy to see why. On one hand, it is extremely nostalgic and homely. The tight upholstery and dark wood finish make it seem like an old, comfortable throne. They also compliment the brown aniline leather perfectly. The lightweight ottoman and modernist design make it tailored and elevated, so it fits well just about anywhere. It costs almost twice than the classic black look, but the price is totally worth it given the quality and distinctive look of the chair.


  1. Classic White with Black Base ($1,441)


The gorgeous set is a must-have for contemporary office spaces, modern and elegant living rooms, and even stylish, big bedrooms. It is probably the most elegant set of the five, sporting a very modern five-point base in black and white leather. The polished steel base comes with non-marking foot glides and the huge ottoman can be repurposed as a different seat altogether, an interior design tactic that many of our customers have taken with these Eames lounge chair replicas.


  1. Eames Lounge chair replica – Tall version ($1,492)


Probably the most comfortable and thickly-padded chair of the whole group. The Tall version of the Eames armchair and ottoman combo is the epitome of comfort and style in mid-century modern furniture. Leisure is the keyword here. The ottoman is just as huge and padded as the chair so, for this price, you’re basically getting an elegant second chair for your living room given the augmented size. This chair was created following customer suggestions about the original size of the Eames chair replica, and it is capable to fitting people up to 6 feet and 3 inches in height very comfortably. Only available in the classic black leather and dark walnut wood finish.


  1. Classic chair & ottoman – Oatmeal Wool ($1,598)


The last one on our list is perfect for people who are not fans of leather but still want to own a gorgeous Eames Lounge chair replica. The premium wool finish was made with environmentally-conscious practices and sustainability in mind. This chair is great for people who are very design-conscious and want to add a unique touch of style to their living spaces. The look of this chair is reminiscent of older living room sets, which might be appealing for people who are also looking to have a very classic feel to their furniture. The more affordable Classic lounge chair has a more casual design (we could argue) with a more straightforward and relaxed approach.