Modern Chairs by Arne Jacobsen – From Egg Chair to Swan Chair

Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen apprenticed as a bricklayer before studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts. In 1925, he participated in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and travelled to Germany. 

He came under the influence of Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Before World War II, Jacobsen designed a number of buildings in Denmark, while helping formulate Danish Modern style. He fled Denmark for Sweden in 1943. 

There he worked, but returned home after the war. Jacobsen became the most dominant figure in Danish architecture in the ensuing decades. He began to design furniture, like the iconic Egg Chair, Series 7 Chair and Swan Chair.

1. Egg Chair

Source: Decoist

The unique Egg Chair was designed in 1958 for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where they were used in the lobby and reception. It’s the absolute leader of projects associated with Danish design. Beautiful, minimalist form, it has been in production since its release. 

The Egg Chair’s the triumph of Jacobsen’s total design – a sculptural contrast to the building’s straight lines! The Egg Chair sprang from a new technique, which Jacobsen pioneered – a strong foam inner shell beneath the upholstery. A groundbreaking Danish masterpiece!

2. Series 7 Chair

Source: Pinterest

The Series 7 Chair is one of the most copied chairs in the world. It’s still so popular that it is sought everywhere! Jacobson’s classic Series 7 Chair is a beautiful design from 1952. It’s, by far, the greatest commercial success in the history of the Danish heralded creator.

Made out of molded plywood, this chair has chrome-plated steel legs, is incredibly light and stackable. With the legendary shape and curves, the Series 7 Chair has great applicability. 

3. Swan Chair

Source: Decoist

Along the Egg Chair, Jacobsen designed the Swan Chair for the SAS Royal Hotel. These two masterpieces originated in Jacobsen’s own garage at his home in Copenhagen, and have been in production ever since. 

Back then, the Swan Chair – with its total absence of straight lines – constituted a technologically innovative chair. 

Source: Decoist

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