More Nelson Bench Decor Secrets

Did you know American Modernist George Nelson was the man behind the iconic Nelson Bench? Even though it was designed in 1946, it has grown in popularity over the decades. The simpleness and unadorned beauty of the Nelson Bench are its best characteristics! 

However, since way too much simplicity may be a tad jarring, which is why you have to enhance its look with clever decor. Here are even more secrets to decorating with this slatted wood beauty: 

1. Try Using it in the Bedroom

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

Being wider and longer than most models out there, the Nelson Bench 72″ is the perfect bedroom essential. It has the type of sleek aesthetic that may even make clutter seem glamorous. 

So, even when you put your shoes and shirt on it or even when you take off your shoes in front of it, it’ll still look gorgeous and stylishly organized. You can place it at the end of a king bed as it’s the perfect size just like it was done above.

2. Try Using It as a Coffee Table

nelson bench

If you’re using the Nelson Bench 4 feet as a coffee table in your living space, then you may accessorize by beautifully layering decor pieces on stacks of books. This will add such a personal touch! 

The best part? You can personalize whatever you put on the stack – all from vases to candle holders to mugs to vintage pieces. Bear in mind, heirloom pieces will instantly add an interesting feel. Layering pieces adds much needed height to the bench!

We hope this info inspires you and helps you perfectly incorporate this piece into your space. Which of these secrets is your fave? Tell us below! For Nelson Bench replicas visit, Manhattan Home Design. 

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