Nelson Bench Decor Secrets

Did you know industrial designer of American Modernism George Nelson designed the Nelson Bench back in 1946? This slatted wood beauty has quickly become a beloved piece worldwide! The unique simplicity is its most praiseworthy feature ever. 

Nevertheless way too much simplicity may be boring, that’s why the Nelson Bench’s aesthetics must be amplified with some handy decor. Below, we’ll be sharing a few secrets on how doing so:

1. Arrange a Trio of Objects

nelson bench

A common idea in interior design,the Rule of Three states that objects grouped in odd numbers are much more memorable, effective and appealing than those grouped in even numbers. Three is the magic number! 

When arranging objects on a surface in complementary fashion, one has to be short, one tall and one medium, bridging the distance. Here, this idea was beautifully recreated on the Nelson Bench 4 feet. The painting, the planter and the cushion all fit the rule , while leveling up the bench.

2. Use It as Side Table

nelson bench

Source: Pucker Mob 

Have a bunch of quirky furniture pieces and decor items that just don’t seem to go anywhere in your residence? Then consider displaying them on the Nelson Bench 72″ used as a side table.  

The sleek simplicity of the slatted wood bench makes a great backdrop to enhance the unique pieces of your decor. Here, you’ll see how the eclectic interior including the purple lounge chair is highlighted and grounded by the presence of the minimalist side table.

We hope this information inspires you. Which of these ideas have you tried in the past? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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