Nelson Bench – The Ultimate Design Icon

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

Ready to learn about one of the greatest icons of mid century modernism?  Today’s we’ll be discussing the Nelson Bench – the ultimate design icon! This masterpiece with dual identity was by prolific figure George Nelson, founder of American modernist design. 

The versatile Nelson Bench serves equally well as seat and surface, depending on situation, and need may be ganged together to create an extra wide table or a long bench.

For influential design director of a renowned furniture company George Nelson, beauty was just as important as utility. 

In fact, it was first designed in 1946 for Nelson’s own office, where he hoped the slatted wood top would discourage all visitors from staying way too long. Available with a striking finger-jointed wood base, the Nelson Bench is both functional and timeless. 

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

Landmark of modernist design, the Nelson Bench has the rectilinear, clean lines reflecting his architectural background and his insistence on what Nelson considered “honest” design.

Honest design consisted of making an honest visual statement about a piece’s purpose. 

Solid wood slats are spaced to perfectly let air and light through, sealed with a natural or walnut finish, and finger-jointed for unparalleled strength. All  of this makes the Nelson Bench ideal for homes, offices and public areas. Brilliant! 

nelson bench

Source: Dwell

One-Of-A-Kind Design

  • Solid wood construction with an airy slatted top
  • Finger-jointed wood legs painted in stylish black 
  • Serves equally well as a bench or table
  • Clean lines reflecting insistence on honest design

We hope this info truly inspires you. As you can see, the unique Nelson Bench by George Nelson, is the ultimate modernist design icon. Ready to get one of these masterpieces for yourself? For Nelson Bench replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design.  

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for over a decade.

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