Prime Example of Organic Modernism – Tulip Table

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Eero Saarinen is a Finnish born designer and architect who grew up surrounded by design. His accomplishments include experimenting with new materials and creating groundbreaking designs, including the Tulip Table. He’s a pioneer of the organic modernist movement. 

Some of his works are the TWA Flight Terminal at the Kennedy International Airport, symbol of the modernist era. His famous Tulip Table, redefined the modernism with its organic and curvilinear forms, in the otherwise straight designs of the era.

Source: Curated Interior

Saarinen’s legacy remains to this day. His design of the TWA terminal is being refurbished into a hotel and his designs like the Tulip Table are breaking ground to this day. Believe it or not, it was while working with friend Florence Knoll that he unleashed his creative genius on designing the Tulip Table. 

It was working with her that Saarinen also created other iconic pieces, considered the best of the mid century modern era, including the Tulip Table. This piece was a modernized and innovative take on table designs back then.

Source: Curated Interior

Modernism was high in style, and the furniture design genre was seeing perpetual innovation. It was then that Sarinen devised  the idea of the sculptural Tulip Table. He wanted to design a table that was free of all under-table clutter, which he hated. 

Considering four-legged tables ‘unrestful and ugly’ with too much clutter to be visually or physically comfy, he came up with the Tulip Table. One that would forego that kind of typical design for something sleeker and imaginative. 

Source: Roomhints

Saarinen drew inspiration for the Tulip Table from the biomorphic shapes trending back then. His one legged masterpiece was born in 1956! Combining function and design, its streamlined effect leaves lots of leg room under the table. This impactful piece is a product of out-of-the-box thinking!. 

We hope this inspires you. As you can see, the Saarinen Tulip Table is a prime example of organic modernism. Ready to get one of these beauties for your home? For Tulip Table replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

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