Reasons Why Designers Adore Saarinen’s Tulip Table with Timeless Appeal

Eero Saarinen’s iconic Tulip Table, the first one legged chair ever, has timeless appeal. As a matter of fact, interior designers can’t get enough of its sculptural beauty and organic shape. 

Intrigued? Keep reading! We’ve come up with a few reasons why interior designers worldwide adore Saarinen’s timeless masterpiece. This sleek, uncluttered furniture piece has outlasted decades, becoming an mid century modern icon.

tulip table

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Mid Century Modern Icon

When Eero Saarinen innovated the first Tulip Table design ever way back in 1956, he made it for his own home. And, little by little, the design was so groundbreaking that it became mainstream. 

To this day, the Tulip Table holds a high pedestal in contemporary design society as a mid century modern icon Interior decorators absolutely love its homogenous form, sleek profiling and stunning finish. This classic has carved its name in the history books!

tulip table

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A reason why interior decorators are totally in awe with the tulip shaped table is because of its timelessness. Saarinen’s vision was totally perennial, unfailing in a way making this table a beloved furniture item even in the 21s century. 

Its experimental form and clean design were avant-garde when it first came out – still are to a some degree – and retain an ultimate uniqueness that never fails to make an impact.

tulip table

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Trying to get rid of all the clutter that comes with four legged tables, Saarinen came up with the Tulip Table. He definitely managed to achieve this thanks to the pedestal and sleek round base, resulting in no visual clutter. 

In fact, this innovative pedestal is so uncomplicated that it was able to get rid of the “slum of legs”. It looks clean and uncluttered, regardless of the chair paired with it. This is another pro attractive to interior decorators.

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

We hope this info truly inspires you. As you can see, Saarinen’s timeless masterpiece will only increase in popularity. For Tulip Table replicas, don’t forget to visit Manhattan Home Design.

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