Reasons Why the Iconic Tulip Tale is a Always in Style

Mid century modern lover? Isn’t it great to know there are a few design icons out there that always have our backs? Of Course, we’re talking about no other than the Tulip Table… This timeless masterpiece is always in style!  

Originated by Finnish born designer and architect Eero Saarinen back in 1955, this table is exactly what its name implies, a sculpted, elegant beauty inspired by everyone’s favorite Dutch flower – the enchanting tulip! 

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

Its fluted base – picture a champagne stem – and its sleek round top makes it a killer match for both modern and vintage interiors! Are you curious to learn more about this charming furniture piece that goes with everything? 

Read on to discover how exactly this masterpiece came to be…

Brief History

Back in 1955, Saarinen set out to get rid of “the slum of legs” under typical rectangular dining tables all over the world. No easy task! After careful research and experimentation, he came up with the first pedestal table ever. 

The premise of the uncluttered Tulip Table reduced a table’s four legs to an aerodynamic pedestal! To achieve the structure, Saarinen ultimately landed on a cast aluminum base that attaches to the tabletop. This innovative piece was an instant hit back then!

tulip table

Source: Roomhints

A Mid Century Modern Icon

Available with three surface shapes, a range of surface finishes, colors and materials, from wood to marble to fiberglass. Also comes in many sizes, from dining to coffee to side to bar, the Tulip Table earned status for a large pool of interior designers. This timeless piece has grown into a MCM classic!

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