Reasons Why the Sleek Tulip Table is Great for Your Modern Home or Office

Source: Curated Interior

The most quintessential mid century furniture ever is the sleek Tulip Table. In fact, the Tulip Table, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, is the ultimate expression of MCM design. It was ubiquitous during the 1950s and 60s, and has made a comeback in the 21st century.

At one time, the Tulip Collection, including the sleek Tulip Table and Tulip Chair, could be found everywhere, from a formal dining room to a small eat-in kitchen to a casual family rec room to a doctor’s waiting room.

So, what makes the Tulip Table perfect for your home or office? Here are a few excellent reasons…

1. Style and Taste

Source: Curated Interior

A stylish Tulip Table is an incredibly functional piece that offers a subtle, yet palpable accent to any interior, whether part of a residential or office setting. This masterpiece may be placed in just about any interior! Plus, it comes in various colors and sizes.

2. Practicality

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Whatever room you decide is right for your practical Tulip Table, you’ll not need to worry about the “slum of legs.” Thanks to its one leg, you won’t need to crawl under all those legs to fish out a nervous pet or stray ball. Amazing!

3. Durability and Stability

Source: Curated Interior

The utterly well-made Tulip Table, stability at its finest, lasts a long time. The aluminum base and molded fiberglass body prevent tipping, while keeping it well balanced and level. More importantly, with proper care, these materials should last a very long time.

4. Stunning Work of Art

Source: Curated Interior

The great Saarinen was prolific and highly talented. His projects are as huge as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the TWA Terminal at JFK Airport to tiny furnishings like various Tulip Chairs and Tulip Tables. The statement worth Tulip Table is a work of art on its own!

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