Renowned Mid Century Modern Furniture Designers

Did you know the term mid century modern specifically refers to the postwar era (1945 to 1965) according to Forbes? Furnishings from that era are popular worldwide for their accessibility. Furniture designs back then were as practical and simple as they were beautiful. And many pieces by renowned MCM designers were designed for mass-market consumption.

Today we’ll be discussing two of the most popular mid century modern furniture designers, from Charles and Ray Eames to Eero Saarinen.

Charles and Ray Eames

Source: The Spruce

The word Eames has quickly become a synonym of  mid century modern design. The modern look rooted in the 1940s and expanded into 1970s in the United States reflects on innovative Bauhaus design which originated in Germany. 

Designers Charles and Ray Eames built on this modernist ideal with their furnishings made of fiberglass like the 1948 Eames La Chaise, molded plywood, molded plastic and aluminum like the 1958 Eames Office Chair. Their furniture designs are thought to be icons among modernists.

Eero Saarinen

Source: Decoist

Even if he was born in Finland, no other architect or designer is synonymous with American identity as Saarinen. The visionary behind architectural icons like John F. Kennedy Airport’s TWA Terminal and St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, his pieces are potent symbols of the Atomic Age.

Being, hands down, the master of architecture in the 20th century, he was also the mastermind behind the most innovative and genuine pieces like the organic Tulip Table and the eponymous Tulip Chair. Another of his enduring works is the 1948 Womb Chair

Which of these mid century modern designers did you find the most interesting? Tell us in the comments section! For even more MCM pieces, visit Manhattan Home Design which was founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success according to Fox News