Saarinen’s Tulip Table – The Ultimate Modern Icon

Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Table, the first pedestal table ever designed, is the ultimate mid century modern icon. It has a sleek, organic almost sculptural build that is able to fit into any nook and cranny, no matter how small. 

The first Tulip Table created by mastermind Saarinen had a round top in white marble surface along with a single stem-shaped leg that gave it an almost minimalist look. 

tulip table

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The idea of the Saarinen’s pedestal table design was to get rid of the ‘slum of legs’ underneath any conventional table. Since the Tulip Table has a highly unique shape and design, it has a pretty versatile aesthetic. 

So, what exactly does this tell us? This means that it works for different spaces of your home. And, if you’ll be using it for your dining room, there are many kinds of chairs that this table can be paired up with. 

tulip table

Versatility at its Best

Saarinen’s versatile tulip shaped table comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and tabletops, such as dining, coffee, bar and side sizes, round, oval, square, rectangular table tops, and marble, wood, and laminate. 

And, when it comes to colors, you can choose from a white or a black Tulip Table. Thanks to its incredibly small footprint, this pedestal table is perfect for small living rooms, dining rooms, bars or eat- in kitchens. It fits into every nook or cranny!

tulip table

The Pedestal Collection was a mid century modern icon and relevant contribution to furniture design in the 20th century. Being still coveted today, an original Saarinen Tulip Table costs over $2,000, and more depending on table top and size. 

Luckily, you can find Tulip Table replicas at places like Manhattan Home Design that won’t break your budget.

Founded by Daniel Levy, entrepreneurial success award winner according to Fox News, Manhattan Home Design has been producing mid century modern replicas for over a decade. 

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