Saarinen’s Womb Chair – Pursuit of Comfort

Finnish born Eero Saarinen, prime figure of the Organic Modernist Movement, is one of the most important architects and designers of the 20th century. He’s renowned worldwide for his groundbreaking furniture pieces, opera houses, landmarks and airports.

He came up with the Womb Chair in 1946 and it was manufactured two years later. In fact, the design for the chair was the result of Saarinen’s concern for the comfort of the sitter and the unity of its interior space and architecture. 

womb chair

Source: Dwell

Expertly made of upholstered foam on a fiberglass-reinforced plastic shell and chrome-plated steel rod base, it was specifically designed to be really large and entirely comfortable. The Womb Chair’s name beautifully expresses its purpose.

According to Saarinen, “It was designed on the theory that a great number of people have never really felt comfortable and secure since they left the womb. The chair is an attempt to rectify this maladjustment in our civilization.” 

womb chair

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He further explained, “There seemed to be a need for a large and really comfortable chair to take the place of the old overstuffed chair. . . . Today, more than ever before, we need to relax.” What could possibly be more comfy than a womb shaped chair wrapped in soft wool? Nothing!

Eero Saarinen’s pursuit of comfort was achieved at last with the enveloping Womb Chair! It’s no surprise why it became one of the most famous chairs emerging from the mid-20th century! It can now be seen in museums and historic homes worldwide.

womb chair

Source: Dwell

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