Shell Chair – Classic Danish Modern Icon

Did you know the Shell Chair has such a powerful presence that it wasn’t an instant success when Wegner released it in 1963? Nevertheless, in the 1990’s the three legged chair began to attract handsome prices at international auctions. Now it has become a mid century modern design icon!

Today we’ll be focusing on this classic Danish modern masterpiece you’ve probably spotted a thousand times, the Shell Chair by Hans Wegner.

shell chair

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When you think Danish modern furniture, Wegner is one of the names that come to mind. Being also an architect, he designed over 500 jaw-dropping chairs. It’s no surprise he’s considered ‘Master of the Chair!’

But one of his most iconic chairs, one that was different to his other designs, is the three legged Shell Chair with an avant garde look. Also known as the Smiling Chair, due its unique arch-shaped seat, this masterpiece was ahead of its time.

shell chair

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Wegner debuted drafts and drawings of the Shell Chair at the Furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1963, but only limited quantities were produced. Luckily, it was reintroduced in 1998 and it became an internationally recognized Danish classic.

You’ve probably seen other Wegner chairs –  Wishbone Chair and Papa Bear Chair, are also Danish masterpieces. Like the Shell Chair, the Wishbone Chair is still fresh. 

shell chair

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Why We Love It

Even if it didn’t have a promising start, Wegner’s three legged Shell Chair became a Danish icon. Here’s why:

  • Floating Lightness – This three legged beauty gets its lightness thanks to its arching curves and lines.
  • High Design – Combining functionality and high design, the three legged chair mirrors the exact balance interior designers strive to achieve in all of their design projects.
  • Comfy – Despite its unusual shape, this chair is comfy and compact, making it perfect for tiny studios and mansions.  
  • Can’t Be Beat – This work of art is beautiful from any angle, making it a decor element and seating.
  • Timeless Style – It’s renowned all over the world for its generous comfort and timeless style.

Source: Dwell

We hope this info inspires you. With a range of wood finishes and leather options, this Danish icon can be yours no matter your style. Visit  Manhattan Home Design for Shell Chair replicas. 

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