Shell Chair – Mid Century Modern Masterpiece

Mid century modern design buff? Today we’ll be showcasing Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, a Scandinavian mid century modern masterpiece. It’s architectural beauty makes it a statement worthy furniture piece, whether featured in a living room, lounge, hall, bedroom or entryway. 

Even if Danish design master Wegner designed many jaw-dropping furniture pieces, the most iconic one is the Shell Chair, a.k.a. smiling chair due to its arch-shaped seat. The combination of molded plywood and fine leather is stunning!

shell chair

Wegner debuted the three legged Shell Chair at the 1963 Furniture Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen, but only small amounts were produced. Even if critics loved it, production was halted as the design seemed too avant garde at the time being, according to Forbes

Fortunately, retailers started producing Shell Chair replicas in the 90s due to increased demand. Today, it has grown into an internationally recognized Danish masterpiece! A design icon!

Reasons Why It’s a Loved Addition

shell chair

Beautifully blending high design and timeless appeal, the Wegner Shell Chair has quickly grown into a loved addition for your home. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s Functional – Despite its unusual shape, it’s comfy. It’s also compact, making it perfect for condos and contemporary mansions alike.  
  • Stunning – This work of art is stunning when viewed from any angle, making it a decor element. Its design cannot be beat!

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