Surprising Jacobsen Egg Chair Cameos in Videos, Movies and Series

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The Egg Chair, the most iconic design of the 20th century, was created by Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the first skyscraper in Denmark built by himself. 

Arne Jacobsen’s cutting edge designs are still exceptionally popular today. Among his most recognisable creations is the Egg Chair, thanks to its prominent place in popular culture. It’s become the most famous chair in history!

 We rounded up 6 instantly epic Jacobsen Egg Chair cameos in beloved videos, movies and series. When an iconic design furniture cameo is done right, it can be wonderful. Read on…

1. The Beatles Help! Video – 1965

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In the scenes in The Beatles’ home, an Egg Chair in a lovely shade of blue is seen in Ringo’s room. This band was seen by fans as an embodiment of ideals of the era. 

2. Men in Black – 1997 

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Renowned actor Rip Torn plays the big boss Agent Zed in Men in Black, 1997 fim, has a stylish black Egg Chair. It makes a great  science fiction action comedy film prop.

3. Big Brother – 2000


This modernist Jacobsen Egg Chair is featured on the inaugural season of the 2000 British reality game show Big Brother. The confessional room held a purple one.

4. Zoolander – 2001

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The evil fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu – played by Will Ferrell in a memorable wig – sits on an Egg Chair in his office. The satirical Zoolander features fashionable items on set.

5. Ugly Betty – 2006

Most of the set of Ugly Betty represents the office of the fictional Mode magazine. Its art department boasts a pair of Arne Jacobsen’s infamous Egg Chairs in a bold color.

6. The Bridge – 2011

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Set on the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen, series The Bridge is brimming with Scandi icons. Detective Martin Rohde’s home shows the heroic Jacobsen Egg Chair with other striking pieces. 

We hope this inspires you. Which of these cameos is your fave?Comment below! For Jacobsen Egg Chair replicas, visit Manhattan Home Design. 

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